Saturday, 6 April 2013

My friend foon1e 's first lou grant

Foon1e has a think & comes up with this... 


Hello all you lucky people out there! Foon1e here with some thoughts about the feedback I've been getting from the Pod-Cast i put out on Wednesday this week.

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who has commented & complimented my first attempt at a pod-cast. All your critiques & words of wisdom have been taken on-board & will be applied to my next effort (Whenever that'll be!)

Big thanks also go to Delcroix, Zapoper, RottenJuice & Tezzer for their encouragement & technical support. If not for these guys, I wouldn't have been motivated enough to even attempt this blog - let alone start pod-casting.

In the last week, we've all been witness to some interesting events occurring in our little on-line universe & around Mami's Chat in Particular. Starting Off from Nemo DeNovos final Broadcast on the now defunct Oracle Network, the level of character assassination, Intrigue & general Shenanigans has been astounding!

I've only been a part of your online world since The Xmas Holidays, when a search for certain Radio Broadcasts lead me to the wonderful resource known as "Mami's Shit". Grizzom & his Helper-Elfs have given us a brilliant way to get all our respective aural-fixes from one online source. They Work unbelievable Hrs to make sure we don't have to flounder around the net to fulfil our respective addictions, & deserve our gratitude & thanks. However.....
Certain "Trolls" & interested parties seem hell-bent on casting assertions against Mami's editorial policies & judgement (in a recent short-lived episode regarding the choice of Moderators). Their behaviour reeks of Paid-shillism & Trolling for the sake of causing trouble. My opinion is to ignore such attempts to cause division & realise that we are all human,prone to mistakes & not infallible. As far as I'm concerned, Grizzom made the right call on the Rogue-Moderator & terminated her tenure as soon as it was brought to his attention. That should be case closed. No amount of bitching after the fact alters the sites credibility & honesty.

Also, watching the egotistical behaviour of some other Community members is becoming a frequently ugly sight in both the chat-rooms, & within the comments pages of the broadcasts. It doesn't make us credible to newcomers or interested members of the public if they pop in & are greeted by People having obvious Nervous Breakdowns; Toddler Tantrums, Pissing Contests & acting as Flame-Bait encouraging the Trolls.
It is not trying to censor free-speech to point all this out (as one Anon at Mami's accused me of trying to do yesterday). I believe that for anyone to take our information seriously, we need to demonstrate to them that we're not all spoilt brats at war with each other. That we can stand together on-line & off in common cause. That the information we freely disseminate though our various Blogs & pod-casts have merit & deserve wider discussion & acceptance. Yes, we have different approaches when trying to get the essential truth out about the Historical cause of Humanities misery & misfortunes. Some favour direct action to inform the public-to varying degrees of success. Others hark back to previous Historical time-periods to provide them with blueprints to do the same thing. yet more think that maybe the "Sheeple" get what they deserve for letting themselves become enslaved to a tribe that practices deception & genocide in equal measure.
But whichever message works best in the long run, we must not let those that wish to divide us & weaken our resolve succeed. Forget about solo efforts - they never work; are wasted effort & are easily quashed by the incumbent Governmental forces.
We must unite in common purpose - defeat the Jew wherever it can be found within society. Not until that occurs can we begin to build a fairer society for all.

Phew! Demagoguery over for now. On to the next week.

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