Friday, 19 April 2013



it’s just habit that you make kiddie snuff videos of two year olds being raped and murdered

it’s just habit you have to spit at Christian priests in your holy land

It’s just your habit that you mutilate your baby’s penises and then suck the blood from their genitals 

it’s just habit that you harvest organs from disaster scenes – which you have created in the first place

it’ just habit you like to use white phosphorus on innocent people in their own land – land which you stole

it’s just habit you are murdering millions of Gentiles weekly through your medical mafia

It’s just habit you implement your lethal vaccines and man made deadly virus epidemics onto the masses

it’s just habit you are spraying us like bugs with your fatal chemtrails 

it’s just habit you have to pump raw sewage onto Palestinian homes – that’s if your not stealing them

It’s just habit you’re instigating euthanasia and corrupt palliative care as part of your goy cull plan  

it’s just habit you have to decimate and destroy any culture which does not kowtow to your demonic ways

it’s just habit you brainwash our people to tazar ten year old children, just for being disobedient

it’s just habit you poison and denature our foods as part of your slow kill eugenics plan

it’s just habit you throttle and usurp nations through your debt-based usury

It’s just habit you create ‘natural’ disasters through your scalar and HARRP technologies

it’s just habit you steal European non-Jewish teenagers as sex slaves for israeli play things

it’s just habit that you carry out your blood ritual murders on innocent Gentile children

it’s just habit you promote artificial birth control, vasectomies and casual abortion procedures in alignment with your Agenda 21 plan

it’s just habit you can’t stop foisting your holohoax fable onto us at every available opportunity

it’s just habit you get your shabbas goyim to pepper spray five year olds, just for being naughty

it’s just habit you have to pollute society with your sexual perversion, drugs, violence, gambling and alcohol industries

it’s just habit you have infiltrated every government possible, because you just cannot stop your control freak ways

it’s just habit you instigate racial hatred through your hegelian dialectic techniques 

it’s just habit you amputee Palestinian boy’s arms because they dare to throw stones at your armored vehicles, in their deviance of you stealing their land 

it’s just habit you carry out repeated false flag attacks in order to instigate your Protocols agenda

it’s just habit you have polluted our water supplies with your toxic fluoridation 

it’s just habit every time you have a Jewish holiday, it is to celebrate the historical slaughtering of non-Jews

it’s just habit you play the eternal victim, whilst relentlessly attacking every aspect of our lives

it’s just habit you have been booted out of 79 countries 109 times throughout history for your Jewish ways

it’s just habit you have to fill up the supply tunnels into Gaza with raw sewage

your habitual actions sure do account for a lot don’t they

humanity desperately wishes you would kick your dirty habits


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