Thursday, 21 March 2013

Varg Vikernes on Extremism

Varg Vikernes
The commonly held persecption today is that people like me are extremists, and of course they tell us that extremism is dangerous! They make most of us believe that just about all the problems in our world are caused and created by extremists like myself. Ergo we are dangerous. We probably should at least be stripped of our right to express any of our abhorrently extreme views…
Sorry, but no; I am not an extremist. To do your best to conserve traditional values, customs, rites and religions is not extreme at all. To fight for the survival of your race and nation is not extreme at all – no matter how you do it or what lengths you go to in this context. It is in fact much more extreme not to rise and revolt when everything of value in your society is under direct threat and at risk of being exterminated and removed. To think men are and should be different from women is not extreme at all. What people like me represent is about as moderate and normal as it can get. In the history of man about 99% of everyone has shared my world view for 99% of the time.
It is extreme to think gay marriage is okay, or to think that homosexuality is perfectly normal. It is extreme to think men should do the work of women and women the work of men. It is extreme to think that your own biological group, your race, should be mongrelized to such a degree that it ceases to exist. It is extreme to think that foreigners want you and your people all the best and that they will not favour their own at the expense of you and your people. It is extreme to tolerate mass immigration to your country, and not least mass immigration of people from a different race who follow a religion clearly stating that it is their duty to either convert you to their religion or kill you if they fail to do so. It is extreme to allow foreigners to come to your country and rape your women, and then let them stay after they have done so. It is extreme to allow Jews to destroy your culture, to let them entertain your children with lies and to let them cultivate racism towards your own people in your own homeland. It is extreme to believe in the gods of another species. It is extreme to allow Jews to enslave you and your children, using the banking system to achieve this. It is extreme to allow Jews to poison your children with «vaccines» containing mercury, which they inject directly into the blood system of your infants. It is extreme to allow the government to brainwash your children for at least 13 years before they are allowed to work. It is extreme to allow the state to take over most of the education and upbringing of your own children! You are the extremists here! How do you dare call me an extremist?
Yes! Extremism is dangerous! Extremists like those in power today are completely mad and utterly dangerous! They are so dangerous that because of them and their genocidal anti-European politics we went from being the masters of the world to facing extinction on our own continent in some 70 years or so. E. g. the English went from controlling 1/5th of the planet to struggling for control of it’s own streets in their own capital.
Now, don’t get me wrong; I don’t think it is our right to colonize other lands or control others, but I wish to show you how far Europe has fallen in such a short time because of the extremists who have been allowed to rule in Europe the last 70 years or so. The same individuals who call me an extremist.
Dear friends and passers-by, and dear brainwahsed countrymen too; please take your time to think this over! Please join us in our struggle for a return to normality, to a traditional, healthy and viable lifestyle. We are not the extremists here. We are just some who slipped through their blood-stained fingers when they grabbed our nations by the neck to suffocate them – and we resist the extremists who do so. HailaR WôðanaR!
Some of the most dangerous extremists in our world;
nicolas,sarkozy,israel  images (2) Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel in Israel 2008 1217-770

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