Friday, 22 March 2013

Shatter promises “deepened and extended ties” with Israel 

The Irish government wants to “deepen and extend ties” with the Jewish apartheid state, Justice, Equality and Defense Minister of Ireland Alan Shatter claimed on Thursday.
300px Alan Shatter Shatter promises deepened and extended ties with Israel
Alan Shatter TD at a Fine Gael press conference during the 2011 General Election (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Shatter, who came to Israel on Monday for a short visit, said the Irish government believes that Israel and Ireland have a lot of common economic interests, and that “a great deal more can be done.”
He said that Ireland has a new government, in power now for some two years, that has taken a “balanced approach to the Palestinian issue.”
“Ireland is a friend of Israel,” he said.
Shatter, who is Jewish, has over the years come under sharp criticism in his country for speaking out in support of Israel.
For the past two years Ireland’s immigration policy has been in Shatter’s hands, and he is committed to increasing non-European immigrant to his host country.
Jerusalem Post

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