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national protectionism manifesto




From out of chaos and destruction one may finally receive the revelation of survival.  That instinct of survival then becomes the catalyst for change, empowerment, and the strength and courage to muscle our way to a new freedom.  A freedom that is sustainable and one that is built upon the solid foundation of Western culture and civilization. This realization then becomes the spark that manifests itself as bonfires of liberation throughout the Western world.  Having been refined by the fires of wisdom and endurance, we can truly unite and carry this torch of liberation throughout our culture, uniting our people, for our one true destiny.  We now hear the call of our ancestors clearly, and are ready for the epic journey, of not only taking back what was lost, but the building up of a new civilization, the likes the world has never seen before.
Now is the time for sobriety, purity, and the strength and clarity of mind to organize and speak with one voice.  Now is the time to unite our people and begin this epic undertaking of reclaiming our heritage, culture, and land back from the enemy.  We understand that the hordes sent here to change our traditions, history and ethnicity, were and still are financed by our enemy.  Now is the time to take back the reigns of control from the elite international Jew, who has sold our people into economic bondage through usury and who has profited on the backs of our working class.  Now is the time to take our culture back from the Jewish media bosses, who have exploited our women and brainwashed our youth in participating in a white genocide.  This has been pushed by modern day smut peddlers, transmitting their filth through that Zionist demon box, called the television.  We need not waste our time campaigning against their propaganda, but rather move forward with our own agenda, our own media, our own political philosophies, parties, platforms and conventions.  We must, like a new phoenix, rise victorious above their established order.  Above their governments and their banking institutions.  Above their Hollywood and multimedia conglomerates.  Above their hollow, shallow dime store political rhetoric.  Now is the time to establish our new order, our new culture, our new system, our new Atlantis.
We must have the courage to deal with the existing problems of international Jewish multiculturalism and offer a new vision, which will uplift our people and make this our twenty first century.  We can no longer just recite history and model our movements after old regimes of the twentieth century.  We must finally recognize the need for a new agenda and strive for the creation of a new paradigm.  Although we learn from the past and hear the call of our ancestors, we must now face the reality that this is not Germany 1933, but America 2013.  While our enemy is the same, the solutions, programs and platforms must adapt to the new times in which we live today.  We must build the bridge from National Socialism to the new vision of National Protectionism for the home front and International Nationalism for the world.  We can no longer fall into the traps and snares that our enemy has laid down for us.  Especially those false alternatives to this tyranny like free trade or privatization of currency, or de-regulation of multi-national corporations or New York banking institutions.  We must also not fall for the lie that we need to go back to the Constitution to stop our enemy.  Our enemy did not comply with the law or Constitution to enslave us, and we will never break out of their vice grip by following their laws or their constitution, or their separation of powers.  They stole our freedom, property, race, and culture, like a thief in the night.  We cannot remedy our plight by playing by their ground rules and expect to be victorious in this struggle.  Our energy and movement needs to be quick like lightning, a new resistance that moves upon the enemy faster than they placed their tyrannical chains on us.  Even if there is only a few hundred thousand of us, it is still a greater number than their paid shills and hacks who sit in their luxurious conference rooms in New York, London, Rome, Washington D.C., and Tel Aviv.  The days of hollow square-men sitting around round tables plotting our demise are quickly coming to an end.
Now that we have defined our enemy we must put new political philosophies and a new agenda on the table.  We must rise to the occasion and begin with a new Renaissance politically.  We must offer an alternative to our people.  We must be able to debate and make our points in the arena of ideas.  For too long we have been censored and made out to look like wild-eyed fringe extremists.  Those days are over.  With the advent of the new media, we must organize and force our ideas into the national debate.   It is time for our people to realize that united we can truly challenge this international juggernaut.  Now is the time every individual within our culture to work together and challenge the poisons of multiculturalism and political correctness head-on.  From the Ivy League intellectuals, right down to the blue collar worker who drives our economy and can out-produce any worker on the globe if given the proper incentives and protections.  Our working class has been lied to and sold into slavery by the International Communists, who have destroyed our manufacturing base, auto industry and textile industries through their sick and twisted free trade agreements.  These agreements have looted our wealth and undermined our working class time and time again, just like they did all throughout history in places like Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Greece, Iceland, etc.  They stole our wealth and intellectual properties and then inundated us with a deluge of third world populations.  All this was designed not only to displace the worker, but to destroy our culture like vultures eying their prey.  Look at what they have done to countless sovereign nation states globally.  In the last twenty years they have literally changed our population and ethnic makeup without a single shot being fired upon us.  Their ultimate goal is to wipe European culture off the face of the planet and turn our respective countries into that of Haiti or Liberia, or modern day South Africa.  If we continue down their dark road of multiculturalism and diversity, this nation will no longer be that shining city on a hill, but rather a society that resembles a third world cesspool.  Now is the time to unite and to form a new Nationalist front the likes the world has never seen before.
So now let us examine the many aspects of National Protectionism:


All dual citizens must be immediately removed from any governmental office in the country.  This includes federal, state, and local offices.  No citizen shall be permitted to hold office whose loyalty is not totally committed to the betterment and ideals of the nation.  The survival of our culture and heritage depends upon strict enforcement of this doctrine.  Also as part of the first clause, all lobbying and special interest groups working on behalf of foreign governments, like Israel, will not be permitted to influence our national policy or political process. This would especially include groups like the ADL and AIPAC.  Any effort by outside organizations or NGO’s to influence our political process will be viewed as a form of treason against our nation, and all assets shall be frozen and seized and put back into rebuilding our infrastructure and industrial and manufacturing base.  These assets alone could begin the process of rebuilding our economy.  This process shall be overseen by an independent outside committee of members chosen exclusively by the new nationalist alliance.  If clause one is enforced properly this should rid our government of the cancer for the most part.  This would then pave the way for nationalization of our banking system, outlawing private bank profiting and eliminate usury. This would allow for our banking system and currency to then work exclusively toward the rebuilding process of the nation state, economy, education, infrastructure, and any other national goals that would spark innovation and the advancement of our civilization.


A free press is essential to maintaining a healthy nation state and holding our elected officials accountable. The same statute from the previous section would also apply here.  No dual citizen or outside power, representing foreign governments or corporations, would be permitted to own television, radio, or any other media outlets.  Communications is one of the most powerful tools, and has been used as a weapon of propaganda against our people.  Therefore, only a media which is loyal to the betterment of our culture, people, and sovereignty should be permitted to operate within our borders.


The expulsion of dual citizens, foreign lobbying, and special interest groups should clean out most of their control over our education system, although liberalism is still a problem that has infected the minds of a majority of our educators.  This poison called liberalism has been used as a weapon of mind control against our youth today.  Multiculturalism and diversity have been the proverbial loaded gun held to the heads of our children, bringing about the poisoning of our culture and heritage.  This disease has taken root so deep within our current education system, that organizations like the NEA, must be abolished.  Ultimately new education boards and new curriculum goals must replace the current agenda of Communistic multiculturalism and diversity.  Our re-education camps, known as public schools, must be made over entirely.  We must bring back a curriculum of real history, math and science.  The true history of our European heritage and constitutional foundations must accompany our new learning institutions.
The first six grades of education should focus primarily on reading, writing, arithmetic, science, literature, and real history about western civilization.  The history of real men and women of genius must be passed down to the next generation.  Individuals like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and George Washington will be celebrated in our schools.  The history of how Jewish Bolshevism and international Communism  infiltrated our society and destroyed our institutions, debased our culture and pride, must also be passed down to future generations, so that we may build a future army of dedicated nationalists who shall never forget the atrocities that were done in the name of our enemy.  All forms of celebrating or honoring communist leaders and agitators will be prohibited in the new education system.  We must finally come to terms with the fact that international Communism and other similar philosophies are dedicated to the violent overthrow of our people, culture, governmental institutions, and have robbed us of our destiny.  These philosophies must be treated as forms of treason against our people. They can no longer be allowed to hide behind the cover of freedom of speech or the false and destructive concept of democracy.  An organized mob or criminal enterprise, cloaked in the concept of politics, is nothing more than a declaration of war against our people and shall be treated as such.  We must also bring a new physical education program back into our schools.  Physical exercise is an important part of a healthy education. Included in this program will be a balanced diet consisting of non-GMO whole foods,  organic fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy sources of meat and proteins.
When the student enters into the high school level, they must be educated into both a college prep curriculum, as well as learning a real skill, such as welding, electrical engineering, carpentry, automotive, etc.  This will ensure not only an educated graduate, but also a graduate who will be prepared for the industrial and manufacturing base, if he or she decides not to advance to the college level.  Also included in the curriculum will be the fine arts.  Painting, sculpting, classical music and literature, must be included in order to encourage creativity and advance our cultural heritage.  Also included in the new curriculum should be firearms training. Gun classes should be included in our education system so that our youth will fully understand the importance of our right of gun ownership, have respect for this culture, and possess the proper understanding of how to properly handle firearms. This in the long run will actually decrease gun crimes and also allow our citizens the ability to properly defend themselves and their property in the future. Our people have been brainwashed into thinking the gun is the ultimate evil by our Communist programmers. The best way to reverse this demonization is to have a society comfortable with firearms and the know-how to properly use them.  An intelligent and well-armed citizenry will make sure our culture and heritage is preserved for many generations to come.
At the college level our focus must be on educating the upper levels of our society.  The focus here must be on science, medicine, high tech, space, engineering, physics, governmental sciences, and new studies in the field of energy.  We must transform our energy policies into making us independent from BIG ZIO OIL, and future quagmires in the Middle East.


As part of our new energy policy the legalization of industrial hemp manufacturing must begin immediately.  This hemp policy in conjunction with our new manufacturing, textile, and automobile industry, along with a nationalist infrastructure renewal agenda, will create a rapidly expanding economy for generations to come.  We must set national goals, so that our common national identity works together to build our most advanced western civilization yet.  To ensure that we not only generate revenue towards the rebuilding of our new nationalistic society, we must also move to create a new tariff policy. This new policy on tariffs will be necessary not only to protect our new working class, but for the collecting of new sources of revenue from imports, so that the direct taxing of our citizenry remains as low as possible.  Our working class must not be taxed to death, and they should be able to keep the majority of their income.  What taxes they do pay will be put directly back into our nation and go directly to our people in the forms of a real affordable health care system, a modern day infrastructure system, and any other goals that will directly aid in the advancement of our people.  We must remember that our economic growth will be so rapid and all encompassing, that the increase in our people’s disposable income will be greater than before.  This means, economically speaking, that other nations will be lining up to import their products into our market. Instead of our people working for foreign corporations for minimal pay, only having the ability to purchase inferior goods and services within the “global” system.  This will be the engine of bringing back a strong middle and upper class back to this nation.  For the first time in generations, we will set the agenda of trade and the flow of goods and services from a new nationalistic standpoint. From a position of strength, we will not only bring this nation back from the dead, but also from our new prosperity we can bring economic stability to other nationalistic regimes as well.  In short, when we are at peace and our economy is back on track, then there will be a global resurgence of these principles that will spread like fire throughout Europe and elsewhere. Our nationalistic ideals can and will be the spring board from which other like-minded movements can advance in their respective countries rapidly.


We must form an independent committee, made of members selected entirely by the new national protectionist alliance, to begin the process of abolishing completely the old welfare state.  Because our system has been based on what I term “reverse eugenics”, we must tear down that system and replace it with a new system that rewards hard work, responsibility, and those who have shown to have made a positive difference in our society.  Before I continue, let me define the term “reverse eugenics”.  One of the biggest lies that have been propagated by the enemy is the belief that we are currently living under some type of evil eugenics program.  This could not be further from reality. The fact of the matter is that the poorest classes and most uneducated classes within our society have been given the majority of wealth, wealth that has been illegally taken from our middle and upper classes to increase the birth rate of permanent welfare class citizens, draining our society of its resources and creating the majority of economic problems we face today.  Through our collective tax system, minority populations have been given the monetary incentive to have more children, and poisoned with the mindset that the productive class owes something to the non-productive classes.  While at the same time the government has then punished the productive class for having more children, maintaining a healthy nuclear family structure, and has punished them for their hard work and creativity.  This Bolshevik principle has literally brought destruction upon our people worse in many ways than actual warfare.  But make no mistake about it, this is a cultural war that has been waged against our people for the goal of the total decimation of our race, culture, heritage, and ultimately the collapse of our system as a whole. The European populations of this country and Europe have achieved the Communist lie of zero population growth, while all other non-white populations have not only increased their numbers within our society, through higher birth rates and immigration policies, but have also begun the process of collapsing our economic security, by becoming a drain on the system.  This concept of rewarding the non-productive over the productive is what I mean when I refer to the idea of reverse eugenics.  This philosophy must be abolished if we plan on moving forward as a strong people, culture and nation.  We must immediately begin reversing this process by decimating the welfare system of today in its current form and replacing it with policies that benefit our people, as well as the productive members of society over the non-productive.  By ending the current welfare state, along with the illegal wars to advance Zionism for Israel, we will have plenty of resources for our people. We would then have plenty of funds for maintaining a strong military, a good health care system, retirement program, infrastructure renewal, and a state of the art education system.  All of these programs should be given to our people for being citizens of the new nation.  This could all be affordable and possible by simply abolishing the welfare state today.


The fact of the matter is that our western civilization was founded by blood, European blood.  Our European ancestors created the philosophies, language, customs, and culture that are the foundation of our freedom and creativity.  But over the years the International Jew has undermined all of these foundations.  Subverting our laws, changing our ethnic identity, destroying our institutions with their corruption, desecrating our fine arts, and replacing our philosophy of government with the sick poison of the Talmud, Noahide laws, and the philosophy of control, and death for our people.  Now they have initiated the final phase, the final consolidation of our destruction.  They have radicalized the third world populations of Africans, Hispanics, and the Islamic world with pure Communism, liberation theologies, and implanted them deep within the minds of these populations, to hate, despise, and ultimately cheer the collapse of our civilization, to become parasites who suck the resources off our working class. They inundate our countries, attacking our race, language, traditions, and our people as a whole.  As an example, look at what they have done in Europe with the influx of the Muslim populations.  In the very near future, if current trends continue, countries like France, England, and Germany will eventually become Islamic nations.  Look at what they have done to this country with the flood of Mexican and Latino immigration within just the last twenty years.  If current trends continue here, we will suffer the same fate as Europe.  It is a fact the International elite Jew controls the majority of Immigration agencies here and throughout Europe, and has used these institutions to destroy our culture, racial identity, and ultimately destroy our economic superiority globally.  For this reason we must put a stop to all immigration, legal and illegal, for a minimum of seventy-five years.  If we can halt all forms of immigration, except those whites escaping from genocide in places like South Africa, and institute a policy of rewarding the productive citizens and increasing birth rates, we can still save our culture.  We do not wish to rule over their countries, and we will respect their traditions and national sovereignty, but they must keep their religions, customs and traditions in their respective cultures and countries.  They must finally have the courage to reform their nations, and clean up their governments, instead of destroying and bankrupting ours.  We must seal our borders and return all illegal aliens back to their own respective countries.  If these people want freedom and a better economic future, then they must find the testicular fortitude to reform their own countries.  This will be easier for them once we cut off all foreign aid to the despotic puppet regimes we have propped up all around the globe.  The funding that used to protect the Communist dictatorships and death squads will no longer be available to keep them in power.  This will make it possible for the people in those countries to choose their own destiny without the interference of a corrupt Zionist empire.  This policy of abolishing all foreign aid must be included in any immigration reform policy for it to work effectively and ensure that there is no more displacing of millions of people seeking refuge in the west.  By gutting foreign aid institutions like the United Nations, IMF, and World Bank, will eventually wither on the vine and cease to be effective instruments of the International Jew.


The foundation of International Nationalism is based upon the reality that this nation is currently the engine and the operating system for world Zionist empire.  But this can actually be a positive reality for those fighting for the idea of a new nationalism.  If we can take over the reins of power within this country we can cut off the majority of funding to this sick and twisted experiment for good.  We should no longer use the tax dollars of our working class and society to fund this global multicultural nightmare.  By eliminating the funding to the United Nations, IMF, NATO operations, and all other global institutions that operate with our tax dollars, we can put an end to most of the wars and Zionist puppet regimes throughout the world.  This would level the playing field politicall, and allow new nationalist parties and other populist movements to legitimately compete for elected offices worldwide.  This, over time, could pave the way for a new coalition, a new axis, of nationalist administrations to combine their efforts in preserving European culture and western civilization.  This would be a different form of internationalism, one that would respect the sovereignty of all countries within the new axis.  We could then create something like the United Nationalist Nations to secure our borders at home and abroad and work together for the economic empowerment of our respective countries.  The mistake of the past was to isolate ourselves, allowing for the enemy to slowly and methodically expand their tentacles throughout the world.  Eventually we were backed in the corner and then infiltrated with the same disease of communism that had encircled us.  For this very reason, International Nationalism will be vital for the survival of all nationalistic regimes.


We have learned from our past mistakes when it comes to organizing.  The key, for now, is not to have an actual structure that is known to the general public.  A focus on a new agenda and building up grass roots support needs to be the focus outside the inner circle of the movement.  The focus of the inner circle, which should be picked from a future committee of individuals elected from within the movement, should be on the structuring of any new political party, political campaigns, or organizational structure.  Unfortunately, some secrecy is necessary in order to keep the infiltrators out of the process.  We have seen how damaging infiltration from the enemy can be by looking at the recent truth movements, Ron Paul and tea party movements. We cannot allow for this movement to be hijacked by the usual professional politicians controlled out of Washington, Chicago, AIPAC, etc.  Right now the main focus needs to be new ideas, economic agendas, and building popular support by using the various technological outlets we have at our disposal.  Could you imagine how fast other nationalist movements in the past could have organized with the computer technology we have today?  The reason the new media has not lived up to its full potential is because we have spent years reacting to the agenda of our enemy instead of putting out our own.
Now is the time for a new agenda. Now is the time for precise action.  Now is the time for twenty-first century nationalism.  One that will not only challenge our enemies, but ultimately put them into the dustbin of history.  By spreading our message in our communities we can take this country back one neighborhood at a time.  And then one day, which I predict will be very soon, we will see millions demanding a real change and willing to fight for this sacred enterprise.

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