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Holohoax Education Trust Ireland

Holohoax Education Trust Ireland

Holocaust Education Trust Ireland (HETI) aims to educate and inform people about the Holocaust in order to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of racism and intolerance in Ireland.

HETI promotes Holocaust awareness as a contribution to educational and cultural programmes that address issues of racism, bigotry and prejudice. While the Trust concentrates on educating young people, many programmes are suitable for all ages and all walks of life – learning from the past lessons that are relevant to our lives today.

To encourage acceptance of diversity throughout the island of Ireland, HETI works closely with government agencies, educational and cultural bodies, voluntary groups and national organisations.

When the horrors of the Holocaust were fully revealed, they confirmed what many had heard, suspected and had even denied. Awareness of where unchecked intolerance can lead is the key to combating racism and discrimination. In order to prevent the recurrence of atrocities similar to the Holocaust, it is essential to focus on education.  HETI currently has six Holocaust educational programmes operating across all levels of education that includes teacher education and outreach programmes.

Holocaust Education Trust Ireland is an independent non-profit national charity. Supporting the work of the Trust provides an opportunity to establish an enduring legacy in honour of the millions who perished in the Holocaust.  Through education, Holocaust Education Trust Ireland creates a positive understanding of tolerance and diversity

Below the list of irish traitors and liars involved

Peter Cassells, Chairperson

Mary Banotti
Eibhlin Byrne
Carolyn Collins
Mrs Justice Susan Denham
Oliver Donohoe
Bryan Fanning
Chris Harbidge
Lynn Jackson
Tom O’Higgins

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