Tuesday, 26 April 2016

"The Iron Republic" *A SOUTH POLAR ADVENTURE of E.W. BARRINGTON* ~ Florida Magazine (Circa 1902)

"The Iron Republic" A South Polar Adventure of E.W. Barrington

As Written by: Richard Jameson Morgan for Florida Magazine, Circa 1902

And Read by The Morgile

The following "audio book" format is an allegedly factual account of a far southern voyage of an E.W. Barrington, in the late 1800's and being publicized in a "serial" fashion (common of the era), so the entire audio-book is presented in a seamless, linear fashion, the avid reader of Florida Magazine back towards the turn of the LAST century (so 1902), ~ They would have to wait a month for each segment of the serial article to be published.

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  1. Can jump to 21:00 and lots of patience.. Could not nail thee article. Thanks for working at sharing non Atonist media :)

  2. 5:33:22 and over a year later ,
    You're Welcome and thanks for your comment