Thursday, 28 April 2016

Shots In The Dark: Silence on Vaccine - April 27, 2016...

Excellent documentary... the only issue i have is they tell us lead and mercury needs to be taken out of vaxxines to make them safe.  Wait a minute... didn't i see bovine and chicken on the list of ingredients?  How do those things belong under the skin of a human?  I know you can eat lead... it will pass right through you, no harm done.  I think the mercury fear is a whole lot of hype... injected, it's a whole different monster, and we can chelate lead and mercury out, perhaps.  Beware the talking points... and if you want to control the opposition, lead it.  They wouldn't want us to think about the ramifications of injecting other animal species under the skin of our infants children... but maybe we ought to.  This is not about money or greed... this is about genocide, culling the population down to controllable levels... they don't want us thinking about that either.  Politicians not only allowed this, they enabled it.

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