Friday, 25 March 2016

THA Talks Edition 110 March 23, 2016

Adam Wallace – European Culture, Traditionalism & Degeneration

Adam is nineteen years old and lives in Exeter, England. He hails from a working-class family based in London and has been hosting amateur podcasts on politics, culture and traditionalism since August 2014 as a way of making use of the anger and confusion he has felt with the world since secondary school. He began writing for West Coast Reactionaries, an amateur blog, since June 2015. Adam describes him self as essentially a disillusioned millennial navigating his way through the perils of modernity. After our very own THAist David Parry recently shared the mic with Adam live on You Tube, we are very excited about having him on THA Talks, a voice from the youth of a growing movement in Europe and the West.


THA Talks

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  1. This Adam ponce told a tale in a podcast of his grandfather (aged 16) being sent to bulldoze dead bodies in the death camps. Really.

    Surely, he must have an equally farcical tale of his (insert family member) helping people escape WTC on 9/11 just before the collapse.

    Won't anyone step up to give this lying, snotty piece of English shit a lacerating verbal caning?!

    And what's-his-name, the insufferable old pederast salivating all over the precocious youngster, is quite disturbing too.