Monday, 15 February 2016

Jay Dyer vs. Roman Bernard - Debate on Jihad & False Flags

Jay Dyer: Tonight's Boiler Room featured Hesher, Spore, Branco Malic, Roman Bernard of Radix Journal and Daniel Spaulding of Soul of the East. Inadvertently, Mr. Bernard and I ended up in a relatively heated exchange over the prevalence of false flags and the degree to which the "global Jihad" and so-called War on Terror are organized, provocateured and staged. Mr. Bernard seemed to think it was absurd that I posited false flags, arguing that I knew nothing. Judge for yourself who had the better argument.

Jay's Analysis

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  1. This should've been an excellent roundtable except everyone is talking over each other. Especially the French dude. The moderator failed in his role.