Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sweden, Heaven Or Hell? A "Paradise of Socialism" or A Parasite's Perfect Host?

 Click on Magnus Samuelsson's Left Pec to Bench-Press 595 lbs for two reps, 400 lbs for 11 reps, and Go to Page 1 of “Is Sweden Really A Paradise of Socialism?” 

Click on Image Below to Bench Press 50 lbs (lol) & Go to Page 2 of “Is Sweden Really A Paradise of Socialism?”

Click on Any Bouncing Red Ball Below to Go to Selections from Piero Umiliani's “Sweden, Heaven and Hell” (1968) Soundtrack:

Click on Swedish Meatball to Go to Crazy Sheep Riding Toddler Cowboys:

Click on “Fuck You, I Drive A Volvo” to Go To a List of All Volvo Models:

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