Sunday, 14 February 2016

Impossible" statues, "Impossible" ancient jewellery, Moscow nuked, "Impossible" steel

Five minutes into this video will have you wondering what is going on here... why do we have these amazing statues, museum pieces and structures that we no longer possess the technology or craftsmanship to duplicate?  How can this be and why...

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  1. Keeping in mind Prof.JOSEPH DAVIDOVITS' concrete pyramids leads one to surmise the possibility that great sculptors of yesteryear had, indeed, developed a "recipe" with which to enhance their statuary with uniquely intricate detail.

    Perhaps they developed a process of mixing pulverized marble to some "liquid" into which they dipped a fishnet (or veil/garment) to later meticulously drape upon a completed statue. "La Petite Danseuse" by Edgar Degas also came to mind.

    Once dry, the veil/dress/net etc. would blend with the statue giving the impression of being one with the piece.

    In other words, a rather simple technology is today kept shrouded and touted as advanced, alien etc. thereby augmenting the sense of mystery and magic imbued in past masters' uncanny artistry.

    In no way is this meant to denigrate these great works of art! It's just a little theory positing how some of these daedal additions, given the correct "recipe," might be replicated today.

    Thanks for this fascinating video!


  2. I should have done some research first. Here is an article titled "How do you make a sculpture out of marble dust. what is the ..."

  3. These marble statues are not impossible. Although they are indeed very beautiful if one does a bit of research one finds that there is a concoction of marble dust + glue + liquid(?) in which one can dip fishnet/veil/garment etc.

    The great masters had certainly perfected the recipe.

    The item is then carefully placed upon the finished statue and left to dry. Dabbing drips and drops that may occur is all that is necessary. Once dry it would be almost impossible to tell the item wasn't originally part of the whole. An elegantly simple (possible) explanation for an impossibly intricate sculpture.

    This is the 3rd time I try to have this posted with no success. They say 3rd time's a charm...