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Do the Irish have the Highest Percentage of Redheads? Yes. Here's Why:

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Like many other minorities (natural reds constitute as little as 4% of the world’s population), redheads have their unique qualities. The following redhead facts give greater insight into their “red” world: Redheads make up only 2% of the U.S. population

Natural reds never turn grey as they age; their hair gradually changes shades and then turns silvery-white.

Russia was named after Rurik, a redheaded Viking. The country’s name literally means “Land of Reds”.

Mummified redheads dating over 3,000 years old were discovered as far away as the Takla Makan desert in China.

Redheaded children in Denmark are considered to be an honor.

Redheads tend to bruise easier than individuals with other hair coloring.

Redheaded slaves of ancient Rome were considered more valuable than those having other hair coloring.

Natural reds have more difficulty dying their hair than those with other shades.

When it comes to hair-eye color combinations, red locks and blue eyes are the rarest combo of all.

Red hair is a genetic mutation with the gene Melanocortin being responsible for producing this flaming hue.

Only 4% of the world’s population are redheads, with the largest congregation living in Scotland and Ireland.

The Celtic warrior Boudicca was the first redhead woman to become a British monarch.

Many a famous person has been born with red hair over the ages. Redheads permeate all professions and levels of society to include actors and actresses, musicians, politicians, artists, poets, professionals and scholars. Knowing that the influence of reds extends far and wide should encourage young people who are struggling with mixed feelings about their ginger coloring. The success of other redheads can inspire confidence in today’s redhead generation that they, too, can overcome the prejudice of others and be successful in whatever they put their hand to do.

The following list is but the tip of the iceberg of famous natural redheaded people who made (or are still making) their mark on the world in recent times:

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
Emily Dickinson
Vincent van Gogh
Richard Lionheart
Elizabeth I
Winston Churchill
Conan O’Brien
Cyndi Lauper
Susan Sarandon
Nichole Kidman
Kate Winslet and
England’s very own Prince Henry

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