Sunday, 31 January 2016

Math Powerland ~ Dishonest, Slanderous Narcissist SELL-OUT

This is just a PREVIEW of the response I'm working on for the slanderous, insulting lies recently released by Mr. Matt PowerlBoy... I was working away on a video involving light propagating more readely via North-to-south paths, alinged with the magntic fields and ionized plasma fields in the lower magnetplane, during most consditions during the year, except during the southern summer solstace... Unfortunately I'm haviing to defind myeself yet again by a lying, slanderous imbecile who happens to be a popular figure in the Flat Earth movement... I will bring much more evidence to light in future videos (coming VERY soon), which will demonstrate that not only is Matt paranoid & delusional, but also appears to lie compulsively; and apparently has trust issues, as well as honestly and moral issues..

Jonathan Christopulos's You Tube


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