Friday, 22 January 2016

I am Done with Flat Earth and other Hot Fluff

Consider this video as a rant. I am done with the Flat Earth fluffies. We are in a life and death struggle for our very existence, and all Flatters just sit around and talk. Today there is no more righteous anger or passion driven fight. It's all about fluffy talk and hot babes in the truth movement. Is it a movement? Don't demand truth, just sit around and talk about it like the round table discussion at Flat Earth and other Hot Potatoes. It was a round table of talking heads. Where is the passion and commitment? Are these guys putting pressure on the machine? No. It's all abouting feeling good in the "Flat Earth Friendship" and staying positive. I am done with the BS Hollywood trash full of wannabes and money hounds. I guess one day Mark and Patricia will be on the Oprah show.It's all quicksand for the mind! Don't follow lemmings! Rise up on your own! Welcome to the Village No.6! Here we have fun, peace, harmony, compliance and people with cabbage heads. Sigh...

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