Saturday, 23 January 2016

Howard Stern Show 9/11 Broadcast - Foreknowledge? 9/11 Truth

On the morning of 9/11, the Howard Stern show released a bizarre, hate-filled broadcast, which seemed to have foreknowledge of what would later unfold regarding "Bin Laden" being blamed, the invasion of Iraq, and the Muslim world, and even a "3rd strike".

This show is very strange on a number of levels, including the fact that the official narrative "a New Pearl Harbor" and "They hate us for our freedoms" and other memes were used. The broadcast also helped to solidify the official plane-hugger stance, saying "pieces of the planes were hanging out of the towers" a statement which is patently false.

It appears Stern et al. are simply Zionist media mouthpieces, who appear to have the official story talking points fed to them.

The Paulstal Service's You Tube



  1. I couldn't possibly listen to this for 5 minutes without wanting to break my computer. I really hate Stern because I listened to a lot of Stern in the early 90's, thinking he was "an honest guy," (should have listened to my parents who told me at 5 years old and then repeatedly until I was out of their house to never trust a Jew) and ended up nauseated by all his contradictory behavior and zero sense of honor. I stopped listening to his disgusting crap by around 1996 & only Yahweh knows how much damage I did to my subconscious mental health and sensibilities.

    I remember tuning in on 9/11 to see what the sleazeball was saying and hearing Stern say: "Now you know how the Israelis feel!" lol Unbelievable. His black fee-male side-kick was even more vicious: "Take them all out; I don't care if they're children. They're just going to grow up to be terrorists like the rest of them."

    What kind of society makes a dickhead like this a multi-millionaire?

    A Jew-ruled society, that's what kind. Howard Stern's 20 million a year salary and suck-cess alone is proof of Jew rule.