Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Flat Earth and Other Psy-Op Potatoes - Open Panel

Lets talk. Open panel. Thanks to all those who made it out.

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Tim Osman's You Tube


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  1. Thanks for placing your attention here Del, i got a lot out of this podcast. I am not sure about Tim Ozman, basically because i only just heard of him last week and there is that anonymous thing, but i got the impression these were just regular guys having a real conversation, like we do, out of concern over the current human condition and conditioning. It is good to see this sort of thing emerge. We are not professionals trying to make a career or impress anyone in the "system". Not here to control the conversation or information... just trying to figure things out and some things need to be said.

    I think we all would be behind spherical earth if it weren't for the preponderance of evidence against it at this point (which these guys more or less ignored) It was respectable of Ed to own that he made a mistake in his previous claims and change it up. Anyone with intellectual integrity would do that. Flat earth as dogma is logical and spherical earth is also dogma. Getting people together to split them apart makes sense... we see this over and over again. It is all about the dogma of division.

    I don't know if this place is flat... but i am as positive as i can be this place is not moving. No globe, no globalism. The only thing to honor is truth.