Sunday, 31 January 2016

Demon Magicians: Episode 6 - The scariest one...

There is no evidence for, nor do i believe in aliens from space.  I do, however, think demons are quite a different thing and there is a good possibility we are not alone here.  In this "One" world they are foisting on us, we get a Lone Ranger, a variety of Lone Shooters, One God... on and on it goes and we get one friendly ghost... Casper.   By and large we are made to fear these largely unseen entities, but why? Why wouldn't there be both benevolent and evil entities, same as in the material plane?  Animals can sense and seem to see something and most of us have one or more spooky stories to tell.  I personally have had experiences with both all my life and had no reason to fear until i got put into Catholic school at four... and i cannot rule out that i have not conjured them up through the power of my mind... nonetheless, the topic is fascinating.  

I would like to preface this video by saying that spirit and soul are two different things.  According to the KJV bible dictionary and Latin etymology spirit means breath or that which animates (and/or spirits of alcohol)... the soul is not the spirit... the soul is the essence.  The man in this video giving us the low-down on demons claims they are not departed souls, which i can buy, but the reason he gives is that man does not possess an immortal soul... and i don't know how he could possibly know that... so, as with everything else, use discernment...

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