Tuesday, 15 December 2015


No one is behind bars for the sale or possession of cannabis.   That can't happen.  It is a natural plant, and they can't regulate it.  Everyone who has been charged or convicted has always been prosecuted for marijuana. Basically the system is baffling you with bullsh*t.  By calling it what is isn't, marijuana, and attaching laws to it, you, by agreeing cannabis is marijuana, convict yourself.

This little game actually requires your continued IGNORE-ance of the spells they are casting over us in order to run their cons. Language used in this manner is black magic sorcery... and it has been going on for thousands of years.  When you can see this, you break the spell... it no longer has a hold on you.

NOTE: They do the same thing with arms.  They can't make laws against your right to use your arms to defend yourself, so they dick with the wording... now you have fire-arms... but have you ever seen anyone with fiery arms?

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