Friday, 11 December 2015

Rebekah Roth Exposed

Fetzer exposes Roth. 

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  1. Just listening to Fetzer makes me physically ill. Limited hangout shills "exposing" limited hangout shills. Same old story. "His good friend" Cimino who pushes nukes on 9/11. His other "good friend" Don Fox who also pushes "nukes" and 3000 dead super-fear-mongering hook in your throat, baiting with "Israel-did-it." As if the two of them are any better than Judy Wood or Ace Baker. This fucking shit has to end, IMMEDIATELY.

    Nobody needs any of these "details" that Fetzer specializes in when there are no proven "victims," not even one! When there are hundreds of photoshopped "victims," when there are 13 foot and 21 foot jumpers, when there are people claiming they "surfed" down the rubble of the buildings to safety. Why doesn't Fetzer extend his "Professor of logic" logic on Sandy Hoax to 9-11? Because he's a shill that's why! He has to understand logic to screw with the logic of the peons out there with his disinformation, just like Alex Jones, a few more levels down on the hangout and gatekeeping, that's all.

    And guys like Fetzer's close "pal" Kevin Barrett who have Bob McIlvaine on and don't ask him a single tough question about his "dead son" with the 3 photoshopped images online & no SSDI listing? They should be laughed out of the entire "truth movement" like the clown shills they are. Punks like William Rodriguez have been exposed so thoroughly as liars,


    they are afraid to show their face anymore but this Barrett shill is all over the place as if he was a real "truther."

    There is no "mud" in the water. Fetzer is the one throwing mud in the water. 9/11 was a media-orchestrated event, a PsyOp with no Planes and no real "victims" and that's that. And that has been proven far more conclusively than any of the shit Fetzer pushes. Actually, the higher the death-count, the more likely that they staged the whole thing, to minimize the extra headaches from completely destroyed and obliterated families.

    ~ Negentropic