Thursday, 3 December 2015

Kabbalah Code VS. Taco Tuesday (McFly Code 6)

Taco Tuesday is October 4, 2016. The McFly Code Confirms Kabbalah Coded Clocks Predict 10/4
Featuring music from- Apollo Brown, Hans Zimmer, The Caretaker, Dusty Westfield, Aesop Rock, Tim Hecker, Amon Tobin, Mobb Deep, and A Perfect Circle
That's American author David Foster Wallace in the outro.

How fitting and proper I accidentally swapped 6 for 9 in the date for The Matrix. It came out in 1999, not 1996. Still before 9-11, which is the main point though.

Polarization Nation Media's You Tube


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  1. Another obvious case for PsyOp hoaxes rather than real false-flags is all the numbers of alleged dead or injured being masonic numbers, kabbalistic numbers or whatever they are. In a hoax, they can put in any numbers they want, Whereas in a real massacre, they wouldn't be able to to predict any of it exactly. Lots of factors you can't predict. But then nobody investigates any of this stuff in the mainstream journalistic corps, so they have a free-hand either way, through not having to deal with any real drama, grief or revenge, but only manufactured clown-shows of their own, makes it all a piece-of-cake.

    How come nobody but Whooli is posting at Mami's anymore? I think you should start a full-on audio-chat or weekly roundtable here for people to congregate and talk. You can make it members-only to avoid trolls. If it's some measly hundred dollars a year or whatever that's holding you back, I'll chip in half of it.

    ~ Negentropic