Sunday, 6 December 2015

Bill Kaysing Interview - The Moon Hoax

Bart Sibrel's unedited interview with, now deceased, original moon landing hoax proponent and former contractor to NASA during the Apollo moon missions, Bill Kaysing.

Mr. Kaysing discusses his first hand account of the incredible atmosphere of engineering ineptitude, on-the-job drunkenness, and endless insurmountable schedule slippages that were rampant in the program, dooming it to failure. "The only way to make it, was to fake it", he said was the underground motto of the staff.

Kaysing authored the first book ever written repudiating NASA's moon landing story. He authored many other interesting books, including "Great Hideouts of the West" and "Great Hot Springs of the West" published by the infamous Loompanic Press.


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