Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Rant Movement

In this video Axel Pétur Axelsson talks about The Rant Movement . . .

For an interview with Axel Petur Axelsson call : +47 47257450

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  1. "Self defense is not violence" only if you consider violence a violation or initiation of force. How are you going to de-fend, fend off those who have of-fend-ed your space if you do not use some kind of force? What are you supposed to do wear medieval armour or an electronic force field that outside intrusions bounce off of?

    So, if somebody is raping your daughter, she or you or anybody else that comes along will be fully justified to shoot or stab or or kill the bastard dead if need be just for sticking his pecker where it doesn't belong. But if the bankers are brainwashing and financially and spiritually raping your nation's entire future, flooding it with foreigners, causing many generations of pain and misery and lowered standards of living and despair and alcoholism and drug addiction to you and your kindred and extended tribe of kindred and not only yours but the future of 154 other nations at the same time, you're not justified in calling the force used to arrest them, bring them to trial and then hang them or imprison them for 500 consecutive life terms, self-defense?

    hee hee ha ha ho ho

    Archaeologist Scott Dawson interviewed by identical twin brother Ryan Dawson, well-known media-fakery gatekeeping "truther" from Anti-Neocons and WhatReallyHappened:


    100% proof that even identical twins are vastly different from each other. They even sound almost exactly like each other and seem to have the same energy levels but their cadences and accents and timbre are different enough to tell them apart. One reason is Scott still lives in South Carolina, while Ry is married to a Japanese woman and has lived in Tokyo for a while.

    the archaeologist

    the conspiracy theorist and troofer

    ~ Negentropic