Wednesday, 4 November 2015


or the 'prophecy fulfillment' of the Biblical Book of Esther 
by Simon Shack.

There are truly many things hidden in plain sight - as anyone studying this world's history will realize. However, this one takes the cake, as far as I'm concerned. I only just found out about it and will now do my best to share it with you in - hopefully - eloquent manner. Firstly, you will need to know that - as the story goes - Julius Streicher, the Nazi editor of the Der Stürmer newspaper was one of the 10 Nazi War criminals who were hanged in Nüremberg on October 16, 1946. As a hood was lowered over his head, he shouted these enigmatic words: "PURIMFEST 1946 ! "

The 'Purim' is the merry Jewish holiday (where alcoholic beverages are permitted) that commemorates the slaying of 75.000 Persians - and the saving of all Jewish people from bad guy Haman, who was planning to kill all the Jews

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  1. lol

    Shack is posting stuff on Jews like I used to post! He seems thoroughly pissed about the holohoax gag-order thought crimes laws in Italy. I don't blame him one bit. I'd be pissed too if they passed any shit like that over here. At that point, you have to defy it openly even if it means sitting in prison. 18 other countries have the same laws, including Putin's Russia and Orban's Hungary.



    And on further great news, their douchebag two-line posting brain-fart specialist attack-dog brianv, who I have a hard time believing is really Irish, considering how much he likes those motza balls, quit the forum after a disagreement with Shack:


    Ah! Now, that is some sweet news. Time to celebrate. What an utter dick that guy was and contributed practically nothing too. Just had lots and lots of two line posts.

    More awesome recent posts by Shack on Jews and their endless bullshit (the post on Kalergi is especially well done) over here:


    You haven't seen nothing yet. Once Shack decides to sink his teeth into researching a topic, he doesn't stop. Will someone tell Palmgren to interview Shack on Red Ice? If he's interviewed Fetzer & Judy Wood (twice) and his old lady is interviewing scoundrel clowns like Anglin, a total misogynist who blames all the problems of "white countries" on giving women equality before the law, why not Shack who speaks fluent Swedish too?

    Shack's even directly asking long time forum members like that wus fbenario if they're Jews:


    ~ Negentropic