Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Paris 'Terror attacks' - Friday November 13, 2015

Simon Shack used the below image to see if these building-features in Rue Amelot match up with those in "Mr Psenny's movie" :

They don't. There's a missing doorway. And no, its absence cannot be explained away in any rational manner. It should be almost pitch black - given the apparent lighting conditions. NO cameras can 'selectively erase' such a thing. Btw, the hanging lady's feet are nowhere near the iron bars at this stage of the animation. And what about the two dudes dangling in the void one floor above? Do they look real to you?

It's case closed. It's a feckin' (poorly-rendered) digital cartoon.

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  1. And they turned the light off in the window for the color shot (during those same 2 minutes where the supposedly pregnant woman was dangling out of the window by her hands with no foot support, lol). How absurd does it have to get?

    Paris Terror Hoax "Attacks" Reported on Wikipedia & Twitter Before It Happened:


    ~ Negentropic