Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Paris False Flag - Media Hoax Caught Releasing Carefully Edited Fear Interview

The independent has been caught (by me) releasing a carefully edited fear/ trauma based mind control interview that was staged for maximum fear effect. The interview is also clearly edited in post-production, with certain segments cut out, but made to look as though it is continuous.

How we know this was in fact edited in post production is the continuous audio overlayed over a clear image splice taking place. There is no way this video was not "cleaned up" and edited post production, and it is clearly edited in a way to either conceal what actually happened in the cafe, or just to maximize the fear.

It is very "Strange" how many after-the fact scares have happened with people gathered, while media has been filming, with nobody caught for lighting fireworks, yelling stuff, and pushing over tables etc. etc. etc.

Why is the media releasing this carefully scripted and edited interview and releasing it to the public if they aren't trying to sensationalize and scare people?

The Paulstal Service's You Tube


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