Friday, 27 November 2015

Lebowski Coded Paris 11-13, (McFly Code 5)

The Big Lebowski coded 9/11, Paris 11/13 and a coming 10/04.

Polarization Nation Media's You Tube

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  1. Paris "La Casa Nostra Cafe" Psy-Op - SMOKING GUN Proving it Was a STAGED HOAX



    So, how many of these clown-shows does it take before the "it was a real false-flag & people were massacred" geniuses realize that Press-TV, RT and 99% of the alt-media represent faux journalism limited hangouts which re-enforce official fear-based trauma narratives from a different direction rather than provide any valid research as to "whodunnit" or "how it was done"?

    "How it was done" always points to the same "whodunnit," those who own and control the fully complicit media of the countries and cities where each PsyOp takes place.

    ~ Negentropic