Wednesday, 4 November 2015

John le Bon's Impromptu Chat no. 4 'Flat Earth Renaissance' Nov 4 2015

Join Matrix Decode of the 'Flat Earth Rebel Outpost', David Weiss of 'Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole', Patricia Steere of 'Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes', and host John le Bon for an impromptu chat about the flat earth renaissance currently sweeping the internet.

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  1. Why is JLB having 3 people on (two of them Jews, Weiss & Patricia Steere) who are pushing Chewdy Food and 3000 victims on 9/11? It's not simply an agreement to "disagreement" between people when the foundational premise of one theory, "Jew-Media 9/11 imagery is evidence of reality prior to authentication" directly contradicts the other "NASA imagery is not evidence of reality prior to authentication."

    Why is Dubay pushing Judy Wood's ridiculous nonsense?

    To hell with this endless "flat earf" research circle jerk if they can't even get this most basic of contradictions straightened out!

    If you start by putting the cart before the horse, where in the fuck do you think you are you going to arrive?

    ~ Negentropic