Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fakeologist Audio Chat October 5th and 6th 2015

Tom, Unreal and Mojo.


KHam and Geofree.


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  1. Mojo is the most entertaining fakeologist of all. She might not like her own voice but I love it and all the funny stuff she says with that thick Scottish accent. Check out the newest chat Dalpra did with Mojo.

    At the 4:18 mark she calls out that clown Weiss who pushes Chewdy Food as "a fucking Jew if ever I've heard one") right in Dalpra's cultural-Marxist "there's no immigration problem" face. Right away he shits his pants and starts calling her (in a friendly joking way) a "fucking whitey" and fucking something else (British lingo slang I've never heard, sounds like "jock"), trying to pretend there's no difference between Jews and non-Jews and "that's racisss" or whatnot, at which point Mojo tells him right in his permanently drunken face (ex-alcoholics are always like this): "no we are not the same,"

    Then just for that fully justified calling out of this obvious limited-hangout shill Weiss, as a Jew, which is what he is, TD is in the comments calling her an "anti-semite," as if she said anything about "semites." Abirato, of course, as expected, joins in with his "Jew PsyOp" front-men shillery and some new dufus shill is calling her an "ignorant bigot" asking Abirato to "regulate" her for being an "idiot" and "embarrassing us." lol What a bunch of pussies you have at that site. Total pussies and a woman has to come in and show them how to have balls. Make sure you get her contacts and bring her on with us in case they ban her or try to bully or shut her up.


    P.S. I'll be in Kendall's chat room on Monday but If you or foon or Wanda or Jason or Brian Staveley or Mojo or anybody else want to chat I can get on skype an hour or two earlier, so you guys across the pond won't have to burn the midnight oil into the early morning.

    P.P.S. At the 32 minute mark she says "That guy from Ireland, he's quite funny as well. He sounded 'three sheets to the wind' (you or Pshea? lol)."

    ~ Negentropic