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Gustavus Myers – History of Great American Fortunes – 1909

Episode #24 – Continued reading of History of Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers. Includes Part III, Chapter IV: The Onrush of the Vanderbilt Fortune, continued. No Criminal Charges for Vanderbilt. Congress Pathetically Offers Up a Resolution Censuring Him and Others. Vanderbilt Exerts Political Influence to Have His Name Removed From the Resolution. Vanderbilt Expunged, His Agent Southard Takes the Fall. New Unbelievable Lows of Fraud: Afflicted Horses “Doctored Up” and Sold to the Cavalry. Vanderbilt Begins Buying Stock in the New York and Harlem Railroad. New York and Harlem Franchise Obtained Through Bribery. The Atrocious Safety Records of the Railroads. Corporations Not Responsible for Loss of Life: Transportation Accidents as a Means to Drive Down Stock Prices. Vanderbilt Bribes the Common Council for a Perpetual Franchise. George Law and Vanderbilt’s Bribery Battle for Control of the Broadway Line. Law Bribes the State Legislature, Vanderbilt Bribes the Common Council. The City Aldermen Hatch a Scheme to Fleece Vanderbilt. They Give Vanderbilt a Franchise That Will Not Pass Legal Scrutiny. The Aldermen Secretly Short the New York and Harlem Stock. The Outcome of This Plot. He Grasps Up a Second Railroad: The New York and Hudson Line. He Attempts to Consolidate the Two Railroads Through Legislative Act. Another Plot Against Vanderbilt. His Acquisition of the New York Central Railroad. The Public Suffers So Stock Prices Can Be Depressed. Vanderbilt Outmatches Cunard, Astor, Steward and Others.


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