Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hoax Busters John Adams Afternoon Commute September 22, 2015

Hoax Busters John Adams Afternoon Commute.
Hosted by: Chris From OK

Episode Notes: John and Chris have another invigorating discussion with returning guest, Jan Irvin. We discuss "Spies in Academic Clothing: The Untold History of MKULTRA and the Counterculture" And How the Intelligence Community Misleads the 99%"..."Books differ from all other propaganda media,"wrote a chief of the CIA's Covert Action Staff, primarily because one single book can significantly change the reader's attitude and action to an extent unmatched by the impact of any other single medium [such as to] make books the most important weapon of strategic (long-range) propaganda." We also cover fakes shootings in the Mass Media


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