Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Tate Murders - The Monsters Dupe Us Again

Alternatively, I could have called this one, "Hoaxer Skelter." What started out as more of an overview turned into a 45 min expose on the Sharon Tate, Manson family murders.
Most people know little about either the Tate/LaBianca murders or the real story of the Manson family. Do yourself a favor and DON'T bother to read "Helter Skelter," or at least don't take it too seriously. It's part of the over-all scripted narrative that so successfully crushed the spirits of those questioning authority as they entered the '70s.

TyrannyNewsNetwork's You Tube



  1. Nothing conclusive here. This guy (Klein? Is he a Jew?) who made this video doesn't even know the difference between Benedict Canyon and Laurel Canyon as he's never visited Los Angeles or bothered to Google-Earth the area. Just more half-assed and unproven McGowan-Laurel-Canyon-style conjecture serving only to discredit by association all the PsyOps with PROVEN and conclusive evidence of fakery: holohoax, Moon Landings, 9-11, 7/7, Norway, Sandy Hook, Boston, Hebdo, Isis, Bin Laden assassination, etc. 10 seconds of Joogling already turned up 3 photos of all 3 sisters in one shot which he claims don't exist. Can any "fakeologist" "photo experts" prove that these are all faked? And if yes, to what silly purpose? To stop the hippies that THEY THEMSELVES are supposed to have created a couple of years prior? LOL These CIA geniuses are really making me shit my pants! Be afraid, be VERY afraid. Is there anything these supermen cannot do?




    Sisters do lookalike, obviously. Me and my middle brother two years younger are often called "twins," even though we do not look THAT much alike. The 2 sisters are also lookers but they're clearly 8's to Sharon's 10-plus in both body and face. The young Sharon is one of the most beautiful women EVER. Delicately and elegantly constructed beyond belief. A genetic miracle. She does symbolize the ultimate in European beauty BUT that, by itself, does not prove that she was given a new identity. Bugliosi's story is BS, but that was only to lock up Manson's ass, since he could not be proven to have done anything himself PHYSICALLY. So, they had to make him the "mastermind." The swastika on the forehead obviously plays right into Jew hands and their propaganda, BUT that could have just been good ole useful idiocy on Manson's part and also easily been coaxed out of him AFTERWARDS in exchange for favors.

    This is the level of the real FBI's and CIA's "omniscience" and "omnipotence" powers and "skill sets" right here:


    His momma should have never let him out of the yard! LOL

    ~ Negentropic

    1. Klein here. No, I'm not Jewish. Immediate family never adopted a religion. Father and mother's parents never adopted a religion. Great Grandfather on Father's side was a Jew from Lithuania. Mother's side are all OKies. FYI, there are over 100 Peter Klein's in the world with exceptional backgrounds. I fall at the bottom of the list.

      Now, as to your comments I can only say that I disagree with your assessment of my work and intent. I suspect you either have a very egocentric personality or do all of your refuting of people's work as part of your job. Can you link to any exchange where you've come to an agreement with someone? That would at least show a semblance of interest in the truth over controversy.