Thursday, 25 June 2015

Triumphant Plutocracy – Episode 8

Richard F. Pettigrew Triumphant Plutocracy (aka Imperial Washington): The Story of American Public Life from 1870 to 1920

Episode #8 Continued reading of Triumphant Plutocracy by Richard Franklin Pettigrew, including Chapter IX: Plutocracy. The Power Over American Public Life in the Hands of the Rich. The Meaning of Plutocracy. The New “Golden Rule.” Rockefeller accumulates $1 Billion in Fifty Years. The Census of 1890 and the Distribution of Wealth. 1915: 2% of Population Owns 60% of Wealth. Pettigrew Tries to Make Surveying the Distribution of Wealth a Permanent Function of the Census Bureau. Pettigrew Talks About the Invisible Government.


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