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Gustavus Myers – History of Great American Fortunes – 1909

Episode #17 – Continued reading of History of Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers. Includes Part III, Chapter I: The Seizure of the Public Domain, continued. Corruption Totally Out of Control in America. States Convene Constitutional Conventions in the 1850’s. They Attempt to Amend the Constitution to Rid Themselves of Nonstop Corruption. Two-Thirds of All Property in Massachusetts Owned by Corporations in 1853. The Complete Impotence of the People to Stop Corruption. 155,000,000 Acres of Land to the Railroads. Land Given On Strict Condition of Railroad Completion. Railroads Bribe Congress to Extend Construction Periods. Railroads Sell Off Land Instead of Building On It. Only 607,000 Acres Recouped by the Government for Failure to Complete Construction. These Small Forfeitures Overturned by the Judicial System. The Supreme Court Legalizes Fraud. Coal and Iron Declared Not to Be Minerals. Railroads Relieve Themselves of Property Taxes Through Lobbying Government. The American Aristocracy Emerges. Laws Passed For Supposed Benefit of the People, Really Benefit Corporations. The Desert Land Law, The Stone and Timber Act, The “Cash Sales” Act, and The Exchange of Land Law. National Forest Reservations: The Creation of Railroad Corporations? Government “Accidentally” Includes Worthless Railroad Land in Forest Reservation Area. Railroads Swap Worthless Land for Mineral, Timber and Agricultural Land. The Plundering of Mineral Wealth Via the Coal Land Act. Oil Companies Become Hotbeds of Bribery and Corruption. Every Administration and Political Party Since the American Revolution Corrupted.


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