Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Gustavus Myers – History of Great American Fortunes – 1909

Episode #15 – Continued reading of History of Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers. Includes Part II, Chapter X: Further Vistas of the Field Fortune. Marshall Field’s Methods in Managing Corporations. He Is the Shadowy Dictator of the Pullman Company. Establishment of the Pullman Factory and Company Town in Chicago. Workers Forced to Live On Factory Premises and Pay Rent. The Company Charges Employees Two and Three Times the Cost of Utilities. This Method Provides Free Water For Use in the Factory. Employees Taxed $0.50 a Month For Having Shutters On Their Rental Homes. Wages Slashed 25% During Panic of 1893. No Decrease of Rent and Utilities. Workers Monthly Wages Between $0.08 and $2.00 After Paying Company Rent and Utilities. Workers Rack Up $70,000 Debt for Unpaid Rents. Strike Declared in 1894 for Restoration of Wages. Mainstream Media Viciously Attacks the Strikers. The Company Hires Agent Provocateurs to Incite Violence. They Burn Down Their Own Railroad Cars to Blame on the Strikers. National Guard Called Out to Attack Strikers. Strike Leaders Imprisoned Without Trial. The President Sends In The Army as the Final Blow. Congressional Commission Later Validates the Strikers Complaints. Field Cheats on His Property Taxes. The Trustees of His Estate Forced to Settle For $1,000,000 In Back Taxes. Field’s Great Philanthropic Donations Boost His Real Estate Values. His Millions Left to Two Boys.


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