Friday, 12 June 2015

Radio 3 Fourteen June 8, 2015

Jayme Louis Liardi - The Return to Virtue

Jayme Louis Liardi is the author of Revelation: A Return to Virtue and holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Humanities and Theatre Arts from Stony Brook University and currently resides in the Northeast of the United States. Jayme will discuss going through 16 years of American education. We'll discuss how critical thinking and logic have been removed from university campuses because of political correctness. Then, Jayme talks about the liberal spell cast upon the 15-25 age range. We'll listen to audio clips from the MTV show called, "Faking It," analyzing the lingo used by youths spellbound by puritanical liberalism. Later, we talk about the need to streamline our lives with focus and discipline. Jayme emphasizes the importance of not becoming "soft," tying in the pacifist new age ideology. Also, he talks about what it means to return to virtue and how it can combat cultural Marxism. At the end, we discuss the importance of native European spirituality, not consuming poisons and a healthy diet. Jayme ends with a unique perspective on how paleo and vegan people can unite in the same cause.


Radio 3 Fourteen on Red Ice Creations

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