Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Radio 3 Fourteen June 17, 2015

Fernando Cortes - Can Americans and Mexicans Unite to Defeat a Common Enemy?
Fernando Cortes is a Mexican national residing in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has been a self-proclaimed third position nationalist for over 15 years and has founded a handful of nationalist groups in Mexico that are geared towards guiding youth to becoming better citizens. Cortes was the MC at the recent International Identitarian Congress in Mexico. He is committed to helping establish international relationships among all identitarians, especially with his natural border, the United States. Fernando begins with a broad overview of the Mexican nationalist scene and how he came to identify with the movement. We discuss the economic climate of Mexico and Fernando gives an interesting explanation of the country’s historical relationship with the US, as well as the transformations and tensions that emerged along the road to Mexican independence. Fernando expands upon the mix of economic discrepancies amongst Mexican land owners and the power struggles with Spanish-descended elites that led to the Mexican-American war and resulted in a huge loss of Mexican territory. We then fast forward to the current situation of Mexican immigration to the US. We shed some light on how this upheaval of both populations is only aggravating the oppression created by transnational companies in control of natural resources. Fernando emphasizes how the Zionist/neocon model rests upon the economic bubble of US capitalism, and we consider where racial tension fits into keeping up this scam. Further, we scrutinize the common cultural Marxist parasite that is eroding away at the identities and values of European and Mexican descended Americans alike. At the end, Fernando explains where the traditional Mexican mentality vastly differs from the mainstream, politically correct American mindset, and we explore how White and Mexican identitarians can establish a healthy middle ground to conquer our shared oppressors.


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