Saturday, 20 June 2015

"It´s totally metal"

The title comes from the first thing I said when I saw the venue.

vkgoeswild's You Tube


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  1. Loved it. Better than the original in some ways. Franz Liszt meets Nu-Metal. Serj from SOAD grew up in L.A, but is originally from Beirut like my older maternal uncle who is fluent in Armenian, Russian, French, Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese (he lived in Rio during the late 1950s/early 1960s, the so-called Bossa Nova years). My mom was also born in Beirut but grew up in Tehran during the Shah years, which was like an American colony. She went to the American Community School that Norman Schwarzkopf, whose dad was stationed in Tehran at the time, also attended for a couple of years. My grandma, who was a Moscow Conservatory graduate and had escaped from the commies in 1917 and remarried when her first husband got lost in the desert trying to get help, had 40-plus piano students and insisted that her children go to that school. My mom's best friend's sister, a Christian Arab, one of the nicest people you could ever meet, was killed in the Beirut bombings of the 1970s. The Copeland brothers whose CIA father was involved in the Mossadeq coup for Kermit Roosevelt and all that went to the American Community School in Beirut. Stewart Copeland claims he learned Arabic even before he learned English because his nanny was an Arab woman.


    Serj jamming at Stewart's home studio with Omar Fadel:


    Serj went to summer-camp with a good friend of my middle brother. Daron's father is a surrealist painter and my youngest brother, went to his house and bought 3 of his paintings which are hanging in his living room.

    ~ Negentropic