Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Math Powerland aka Math Boylan exposed in 2006 on live TV during a comedy contest, viewed by over a million people how all of outer-space imagery including the earth as a globe is but a mere painting and special effect . The goal is to conceal the truth since Columbus.
The elite behind the elite behind NASA and the military are hiding more land . Not only is the earth flat but because it's flat there's more including a second light source in the south pole indicating a second sun in rotation around another geothermal earth pond.
Now 2015 almost 10 yrs later the roosters are coming home to roost and drown out the real intel with speculation botched scientific experiments staged mudslinging between stooges set up as real flat earth experts, the movement is almost out of the bag and everyone seems to be clammering to be the one who started it. Unfortunately the diehard newbies and vets know where it started . In 2011 there were 6 flat earth videos on the entire www, actually 5 , and one channeo The NASA channel with a growing archive of recorded shows and perception tests conducted at Powerland art labs the home of the NASA channel. Now there are over 175000 videos and growing with an average of 15 000 views per vid. Read the rest here

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