Friday, 24 April 2015

K Ham Radio Ep. 32 April 23, 2015

Kay Is Joined By Rochelle

Topics: K Ham’s Response to Pedro Novi’s response ; K Ham’s Review on Fetzer w/ Pablo Novi (10.13.14) , Nuclear bombs with a dialable radius , Hello Rochelle, Boston Bombing Anniversary , 911 Museum , Titanic Museum , The 911 Surfer Pasquale Buzzelli , Modern Day Marketing , Errol Morris, ARG director? , (Alternate Reality Games) , Lonely Girl ARG , Feature Case Study: The Dark Knight , Public Defender Judith Clark, Lawyer of the Infamous , National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers , One Eyed Sheikh , 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, ADX Prison Partial List and ADX Supermax Prison  

My special thanks to Delcroix for Producing ep32-K Ham Radio



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  1. Good girl K Ham... call it what it is. I think there has been an unannounced career opportunity out there called professional conspiratologist... ala Jim Fetzer and Jew-D Wood... it is only available to communist talumudic freemasonry... apply within.