Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Maximum New World Order Resistance: Was Sandy Hook Based On The Dunblane Massacre? March 24 2015

After a close examination of the Dunblane Massacre that happened in Central Scotland, on the 13th March 1996, our guest saw a number of similarities with the 2012 Sandy Hook Shooting in Newtown Connecticut.
The Dunblane event resulted in a total ban on handguns in the UK. Was Dunblane a REAL event? She believes so, however there was a massive 'cover-up' in the Public Inquiry, and a lot of evidence to suggest it was a 'False Flag' event.
Did the US Government borrow the narrative for the event of Sandy Hook event? Well, that's what we hope to explore tonight with our guest Photo Via Pops.
Streamed live on March 24 2015

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