Thursday, 19 March 2015

Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview

For an in-depth analysis of Mark Sargent's attempted infiltration and derailment of the movement, see our thread at IFERS here:
The following interview features myself, Eric Dubay, a genuine, legitimate flat Earth researcher talking with DJ Buttamilk (Dan Lefkowitz) of Brattleboro, Vermont community radio. Notice how after just an hour of listening to a Real Flat Earther like in this interview it is difficult to deny the flat Earth truth, yet after listening to a fake Flat Earther like Mark Sargent for 2 hours, many people have commented they are completely turned off by the subject now and want nothing more to do with it: Read about the history of the controlled opposition Flat Earth Society here.

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  1. I like this Dubay guy. He seems more honest than Sargent and his hologram projections mumbo-jumbo. He always asks for proof for any claims and if it's not forthcoming calls the guy out as a shill (direct agent or useful idiot or ego, the result being the same). He says he will have NO CHOICE to call you a shill, regardless of whether he has proof or not of direct agentry or direct co-option like we have with Alex Jones and his 23 or more chosenite advertisers.

    As for using the term "Flat Earth," they should realize that they're PsyOping themselves against others. That term has been so associated for centuries with nut-jobs that it will be 10 times harder to escape automatic ridicule than "No Planer," "Everything Is A Hoaxer" or "holycost deenigher." They should just say that they don't believe in the official model because of this, this and this PROVEN reasons (such as GPS not working from South American flights to Australia, Antarctica being off-limits to ALL nations until 2047, etc.) instead of foolishly jumping into the poisoned terminology fray prepared for them in advance. They should use the term "free thinker" instead and turn the PsyOp out on their opponents.

    Oh yeah, and the Byrd explorer dude was, of course, a freemason. Charles Lindbergh Sr., a great man who made speeches against WWII and the banksters, was a freemason as well.


    By the way, that Mark Sanders / Garbage Media Mind-Control interview you have on your Kiwi6 page was really good. Why don't you post it on your site or at Mami's?

    Here's the full quote from McLuhan (actually only partly by McLuhan and the rest by Joshua Hunt of McLuhan Galaxy who wrote the article) that Garbage Media reads at the 1 hour 12 minute mark:


    “When you live out on the frontier, you have no identity, you are a nobody, therefore you get very tough,” he said in 1977. “You have to prove you are somebody, and so you become very violent…ordinary people find the need for violence as they lose their identities.”

    What does this say about a world where violence, both real and imagined, increases at a rate matched only by the proliferation of new media? I believe it says that media is responsible for a world that is increasingly violent, but not in a manner that censoring sex and violence is capable of curbing. The nature of media is that which it is given by man, and we have given it the nature of removing from us our natural selves. We relinquish aspects of our identity so that we might take shelter in the constructs that we have created to shield us from the harsh frontiers we encounter. At each new threshold, collective identity is lost, and with each new loss comes an increase in our capacity for violence.



    The Videre Frank chat was pretty interesting as well. Are both of them under the spell of Goldbug's douchebaggery? lol How is this possible? He says the Shah of Iran is Martin Scorsese's father! To even have to discuss a total clown like Dallas Goldbug at this point shows you have many screws loose. Celtic Rebel literally buried himself by associating with that guy. I told CR he might as well join a con-spin-dustry leper colony if he keeps having Goldbug on but he didn't listen. Sorry, but anybody pushing Goldbug in any way is a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllll (lol), direct agent or useful idiot, the result being the same.

    ~ Negentropic