Sunday, 8 February 2015

Save The Silly Humans - Community Round Table Ep 5 Feb 7, 2015

False Flags and Utter Fuckery , streamed live on Feb 7, 2015

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  1. Good show. Good host. Being from Edmonton, he sounds like a macho, beer-drinking version of Abirato. But he's not really all that macho, he's tongue-in-cheek 'reformed macho' and understands human nature and is kind even to some of the people like the angry caller "Rose" who were disrupting the show. I like longer formats where people are relaxed to say whatever they want with little pressure, but 8 hours? These guys are apparently hardcore but that's a bit of overkill. 5 hours should be the max on these things before recharging batteries.

    Started getting really juvenile once two of the main guys who did most of the talking, Robert and Press-Reset-Earth, drank up all that beer but also some really funny shit happened, the funniest being the "shill" routine PRE did starting at the 6 hour 59 minute mark, check it out, right when he says "Can we talk about shills?" and right before he tells Junnelle (the goth girl with the nose ring) that he just drank 12 beers. That short drunk-ass routine had me in stiches! It is very short but so funny, they go on about shills for about 3 minutes till Robert says "Bill rhymes with shill!" Do you know how to extract snatches of audio from longer broadcasts? You should take those parts out to re-use them on other podcasts at the hit of a button.

    Episode 4 has some really great advice from the Chad Lilly guy at the 7:47 mark which is exactly along the lines of what I've been saying for the past year: people don't care about what you know, they care HOW you make them feel, the so-called HOW something is said and done is often more truthful and therefore full of love (the truth should be lovable, not falsehood and bullshit, the truth is not naive but wiser than all the most sophisticated bullshit artistry put together, one step beyond and therefore cooler & hipper than them) In order for others to care about truth as much as you do, THEY should know or intuit through your message that truth is love and love is truth and although the truth will always hurt at first as it breaks up the comfort of your previous conditioning, it will SOON make you feel better, maybe not immediately but definitely SOON ENOUGH, six months to a year down the line once you rebuild your foundations of logic with those truths. Truth is love and brings a message of love and 'good feeling,' not dread and doom & gloom but emancipation from these lower and more often artificially created 'fearful' states. Therefore people will care about what you know when they they know that what you know will make them feel better. Unless this seemingly simple but extremely profound bit of wisdom is understood, the troofer counterculture will not be united enough to make any changes at all, but grasp this principle and use it and you can change the world. This is the absolute KEY. Listen at the 7 hour 47 minute mark for the full story. He actually got this advice from a rich man he was working for.


    ~ Negentropic

  2. He said: Chad, you're a real smart guy, how's that working out for you?
    I said: Not very well
    He said: Let me tell you a secret. People don't care what you know. They care how you make them feel.

    Therefore what you know has to make people feel good in one way or another or at least have have the promise of feeling good or much better than they feel now sometime in the near future in HOW it's stated or how the message is delivered for them to jump onboard.

    ~ Negentropic

  3. right neg ...
    it's time we did an audio om this ... have you sorted a mic yet ? it would also be good to touch base ...as the baseball people say lol ,
    keep on keeping on
    later dude

  4. We can do informal audios chats anytime, but I've never done any audio internet calls at all so I don't know what equipment to get that would work best. I don't even have skype. Just e-mail me and let me know what to get straight off amazon, what software to download etc, we'll try it out a few times and if it works out we'll take it live and do it on a regular basis.

    ~ Negentropic

  5. Hey guys, I'm gonna host a show this coming Monday on Renegade for their Wild Card night - perhaps we could all three do a show in the future? I would love to interview both of you if you're interested. Del we've already done one show together, it'd be awesome to have Negentropic on as well.

  6. @ neg all you need is a decent head set with mike and skype , i do the rest . and @ john , yeah man we must do another show in the future , would be great

  7. I know dude but I wanted you to recommend me one that you've used that would be good quality. Just tell me what you use and if it's available for purchase online and I'll get the same thing. That way if you have good audio quality, all other things rarely equal being equal, I'll have decent audio also. Markus Allen was recommending some headset called "Samson" on Kendall's show. I checked it out but it seemed way too professional for my needs but I'd rather pay more for a good product rather than pay less now and pay more later in time wasted and frustrations and stress endured.

    We'll do a show called "21st Century Schizoid Watch," long-format, loose and relaxed, like a roundtable, not that different than "Save the Silly Humans" but with a minimum time of 3 hours and maximum of 4, no specific topic but all topics being game. I'll host and you and foon1e will co-host if you want. You'll do the production having all the experience which would be keeping all the audios audible, level and mixed well and any disconnects reconnected as soon as possible. I'll devise a cool intro segment (always the same) and give it to you to play at the beginning of every show followed by an intro song and a show ending tune (both different most of the time). We can do it 'live' only amongst the 3 of us for the first couple of episodes and take it fully 'live' with anyone that doesn't smell like shill outright able to join in and contribute in long relaxed format. Any 'name' guests that want to join us will be there just rapping with everyone else as if around a dinner table rather than having all the concentration directly on them in some kind of interview format.

    I'll post a link to the intro segment on kiwi when I'm done which should be in a couple of hours.

    all the best

    ~ Negentropic

  8. Here you go, a little long for an intro but it turned out ok I think:


    Let me know what you think. You might have to adjust the volume levels from track to track a bit in the intro to make sure they're all heard. Besides, no one can ever hear the Bezmonov talk on demoralization enough.

    Also, can you extract track 2 from the following album (4 minute 7 second mark to 7 minute 44 second mark) and upload it on separate mp3?


    Nothing gets me into a more contemplative mood than this tune. It's like energy drops gently recharging your brain back to a state of equilibrium in the mellowest fashion imaginable. If you know how to mix stuff in the background of when someone's talking, the way that Abirato does on some of his shows and Joe Blow used to do on his old shows and Scorpio does on his podcasts, this is the perfect tune to start you off in a nice totally spacy atmosphere of deep contemplation and meditation. We won't keep it going throughout the whole show. It'll play one time through and then silence will reign in the background for the rest of the proceedings while people banter away. Ideally this would be played on every single show directly after the intro (always the same) & the intro song (mostly different from show to show) are done and the dialogue starts in the background. You know what I'm talking about right? Only if it's easy to do, if not and too much of a pain-in-the-ass, then screw it.

    ~ Negentropic

  9. @del

    What's a 'decent' head set? What do you use? That's what I was asking dude. lol Do you have any suggestions?

    I can buy it off Amazon or go down and buy it right now at the gigantic electronics store a mile from my place, money is not the problem. If it's a 'brand name,' it will be available. I just want to sound good like Abirato and Markus Allen always do, that's all. What does Ab use?

    I'm ready to go anytime you are and I work for myself so my hours are flexible. Plenty of material for 10 shows.

    ~ Neg

    1. sorry neg i've been lazy lately lol
      i use ordinary headphones with a mixing desk and separate mic
      a good headset for skype , i would choose a phillips or a logitec headset /mic
      not too expensive either

  10. Too many people bitching about the newer logitecs in the amazon reviews so I paid an extra 20 and bought this:


    I don't remember ever buying a Yamaha product that wasn't satisfactory and I've had many of them. Should get here in a few days and we'll take it on a trial run and kick some ass (or arse as you Northern Islanders would say. Where does the 'r' come from you reckon?)

    Jason (faux capitalist) and me couldn't get those 3 names of supposed 9-11 victims he knew who met their maker from Payday Monsanto in the comments section of Kyle's call. Something about how he doesn't give a damn about anything else except 'dancing israelis' were arrested and his cock and stringy haired whores was his response and calling my post spam and me 'junior'. lol Hey, how can it be 'spam' when Kyle posted it? Too much of that rap music seems to have done away with his polite refinements as well as his memory. I think he might have just been bragging a bit to impress AJ that he had a direct relationship, a blood-tie of hardcore pain and 'serious concern' with the mega-event.

    ~ Negen tropic