Thursday, 26 February 2015

Re: We'll Do It Live, Jeff C, Max Resistance, YT Community

By Simon Shack

I thought it would probably be good if I shared my humble personal opinion about the recent "drama" and "raging feuds" between a number of Youtube 'Truther Channels' (for lack of a better term) - were it only to show that I have indeed paid some attention to the whole hubbub - and that I'm not going to pretend it has nothing to do with our forum and our efforts to expose (among other things) the rampant TV image fakery. Of course it has. That hyper-inflated TAIPEI-TRANSASIA 'infighting' episode among truthseekers - and obvious trolls (what with its 9/11 connotations and memes, "planecrash / "CGI" / "staged drills") stinks of classic and wholly predictable 'divide-and-conquer' antics whipped up by the Nutwork.....

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  1. Ha ha ha! Simon is the man! Blown out of the water, as clear as day for any 8 year old to understand, once again. Jeff C is history and so is anybody that takes his side. But maybe he can go the Fetzer route and do more deeper cover baits and hooks, such as idiotic 'hologram' theories based on ONE person's witness testimony (lol), or that vic-sims were used on all post-Sandy-Hoax PsyOps but, through some mysterious reason, not on those before and only some on 9-11 (he had to be confronted 10 times to even admit this much), never all. Or 'nukes' were used to bring down those stupid buildings 'top-down' as if those videos are 'real,' the flip-side of the Judy Wood deception, i.e., scare-mongering / marvel-mongering combo. Fetzer is the biggest joke of all. After 50 years of not solving the Kennedy assassination, he still thinks that this fraud



    is an 'honest guy,' not because he analyzed what he had to say and verified it but because his fat-ass sat down and scarfed dinner with him at one of those troofer conventions (lol). Kevin Barrett, still a plane-hugger, is even worse. This guy had Bob McIlvane one and didn't ask him a single tough question. I feel sorry for people like Joshua Blakeney being suckered by Barrett and Fetzer to waste his time. I doubt that he or ZCF are deliberate shills and I bought 2 copies of his recent Japan-revisionist book, but as always "direct agent or useful idiot / useful ego, the result is the same: disinformation."