Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Maximum "New World Order" Resistance Feb 3, 2015

Grand Deceptions: Zionist Intrigue in the 20th and 21st Centuries

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  1. This podcast was absolutely great. These relative newbies have an energy and articulateness and know-how of how to get around multiple bannings on you tube and different sites that is very inspiring. I can only hope they're not a bunch of cointelpro shills or all seeking to cut-dead the media-fakery and vic-sims modus operandi logic at 9-11 like Fetzer and Betyousee Mygee.

    One thing that one of these guys said about how (paraphrasing) 'they have ONLY ONE SHOT to get it right' as if trillionaires would be required to handicap themselves into doing absurdly unnecessary ONE-TAKE PsyOps when they own 96% of the entire world's media through 155 BIS controlled central-banks lock-stock & barrel and can easily do them in a studio with green-screen or in multiple takes ahead-of-time on location and air it as 'live' with DELIBERATE MISTAKES (such as most recently, Charlie Heebdo with the two visual cues / aligning-markers drawn on the tarmac by the film crew indicating multiple takes which they could have easily taken out digitally but OBVIOUSLY chose to leave in) incorporated to FOOL exactly these types of superficial relatively newbie researchers into thinking that these are 'one-take' 'hit-or-miss' PsyOps that have to run 'live' (because the media is honestly doing its 'job' to make sure it's live, don't you see? lol). How do they succeed in this? Because very few of these superficial researchers think that there are people WHO WOULD GO TO SUCH RIDICULOUS LENGTHS, to such detailed application of the BIG-LIE technique just to fool people like them and get them chasing their tails.

    However, when you really think about it, given their full ownership of the world's banking institutions financing any and all media they need to buy up and control of the government and military through this same media, it is not really going to much of a 'length' at all to simply shoot 20 different documentary style filmed PsyOps in a complete package with full time-release sections to be aired leading up to each PsyOp and its aftermath and target each to run in a different country that has to experience the wrath of chosen-foreskin 'punishment' for having dared ANY even semi-principled stances against elite-Jew and Israeli hegemony either in the world or in the middle-east they have turned into a hell-hole for everybody but themselves and sometimes even for themselves.

    ~ Negentropic

    ~ Negentropic