Tuesday, 16 December 2014

FreeRadioRevolution Emergency Round Table: Sydney Siege Hoax

Round table discussion on the latest Psyop in Sydney Australia: Sydney Siege Hoax featuring Peekay22 and other Australians.

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  1. The you tube video-maker Betsy McGee exposed as yet another limited hangout gatekeeping shill


    Too good to be true with her slick and funny videos? Yes. Too much slickness is almost always a red flag. I was hoping it wasn't with her and she was just extra-talented. I knew I'd find out sooner or later. Well, later is now.

    She, or the cointelpro team that is making her super-slick videos under her name, must really take us for idiots if she thinks we'll buy Judy Wood's thesis based on fake imagery at this stage of the game. Plus she had the audacity to ad hominem insult Simon Shack and tell him to go kill himself when she hasn't even remotely earned the stripes to do so.


    "Post by lux on December 17th, 2014, 10:36 pm
    I find it strange that McGee appears to support the idea that Boston and Sandy Hook were hoaxes yet ridicules the idea that 9/11 was too.

    Is the nutwork willing to concede these lesser psyops for the sake of shillery but draws the line on the bigger ones? It seems so."


    That's what I've been saying about Alex Jones. The word from up-high is to concede the lesser PsyOps as bait when needed to keep the larger ones and especially 9-11 under wraps. The truth about 9-11 must be marginalized to the smallest possible groups by any means necessary. They'll go 90% or more truth on Sandy Hoax and Boston Legless Marathon so that they can gatekeep 90% of these same people in a 60/40 disinfo charade on 9-11. No-Planes and DEW and 3000 dead. Get the fuck outta here! lol

    ~ Negentropic