Monday, 3 November 2014

Radio 3 Fourteen October 24, 2014

Greg Johnson - The New Right, The New Left & Ethnonationalism

Greg Johnson is the editor-in-Chief of Counter Currents Publishing and its journal and webzine North American New Right. He is the author of Confessions of a Reluctant Hater and also New Right vs. Old Right. We’ll discuss the condensed message of the New North American Right. Greg interprets the differences between the New Right, the Old Right and the New Left. He shares his vision of European ethno metapolitics and distinguishes it from Fascism and National Socialism. What is ethno-nationalism and how can it enable peace for everyone? He’ll tell why he focuses on metapolitics and compares it to occult warfare. We’ll also ask the question that people avoid, “Is human inequality such a bad thing?” Later, he explains why he strongly opposes the claim that Europeans have brought genocide upon themselves. He also sets out some basic principles for creating a growing, resilient, networked movement of fellow Europeans who share pan-secessionist goals. At the end, we’ll discuss a chapter from Greg’s book called The Perils of Positive Thinking. He explains why positive thinking ultimately cannot save Europeans from the state they’re in.


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  1. Great audio. A lot to be learned from this guy. He's certainly solidified his ideas down a lot since the Fecho interview of a couple of years back. However, since he claims not to be a Libertarian but some sort of not-clearly-defined conservative then why does he argue 90% of his case in Libertarian terms when it suits his purpose and never mention exactly where he does deem it appropriate to morph into a "conservative" and INITIATE force (and its first cousin fraud or indirect force) rather than defend against it and how he justifies the extortion of taxes? If I give money or time (the same thing in the end) to a member of my family or a friend or so-called 'closest' extended family of non-friends, it certainly isn't because if I don't somebody will hit me over the head with a stick and lock me up until I do but because it's my free choice. "Sprucing up" the United States Constitution should make it parasite-proof and this cannot be done with loose and contradictory principles

    Lysander Spooner- No Treason, The Constitution of No Authority


    Lysander Spooner, "Vices Are Not Crimes, A Vindication Of Moral Liberty"


    Whites (however anyone wants to define "whiteness," the German National Socialists included ALL Iranians as Aryans, although I'm pretty sure few WN's of today would accept that designation) aren't becoming "extinct" anymore than Jews or Blacks or Samoans or Japanese are becoming "extinct." Western European Whites are becoming a MINORITY in their own countries (their own because built on philosophical foundations originally laid down by people of European genetic extraction going back to the ancient Greeks and before, which you can say modern Japan, modern China and modern South Korea are also built on, mixed with their own) due to the legalized INITIATED FORCE of unchecked and deliberately promoted culturally-clashing immigration. White Europeans or the people who, according to racialist doctrine, are supposed to be most pre-disposed to accepting the philosophical foundations of Western Civilization laid down by a few of their most brilliant individual genetic forebears are already a minority of the world's population (8% if the current stats are to be believed), which means Western Civilization and the ideas behind it are in the process of being made less and less influential (although they cannot be eliminated anymore than can an Arab's or Chinaman's or Jew's desire to fly on an airplane, own an automobile, an I-phone or computerized equipment). This is why it is in the interest of anyone of any race on the planet who appreciates the ideas, products and lifestyles resulting from European civilization in its purer and less-parasite-plundered state to worry about the destruction of the influence of these ideas through the outbreeding of those likely to be the most genetically predisposed to carry on the work of this intergenerational, millennia-old spiritual path. Whites should be unbrainwashed and deconditioned from the force of their self-destructive public-opinion which has been subconsciously perverted through propaganda to help in the wanton and CRIMINAL destruction of the best ideas of their own kind through initiated force. They need to not just repeal these laws and tell the asswipes behind them to go fuck themselves but most important of all, and without this only branches will be hacked and never root, dismantle and make illegal as the ultimate source of all other force-&-fraud the uber-racket of usury & legalized counterfeiting which funds the bought up control of the mass-media brainwashing outlets,

    ~ Negentropic

  2. "Unfortunately the worth of all things depends on whether there is a real scarcity, enough or more than can be used at a given time. A few eggs are worth a great deal to a hungry man on a raft. Wheat is worth MORE in terms of serge in some seasons than in others. So is gold, so is platinum. A single commodity (even gold) base for money is not satisfactory.

    STATE AUTHORITY behind the printed note Is the best means of establishing a JUST and HONEST currency. The Chinese grasped that over 1,000 years ago, as we can see from the Tang STATE (not Bank) NOTE. SOVEREIGNTY inheres in the right to ISSUE money (tickets) and to determine the value thereof.

    American interests HIDE the most vital clause in our** constitution. The American government hasn’t, they say, the right to fix prices. BUT IT HAS THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE THE VALUE OF MONEY and this right is vested in Congress.

    This is a mere difference in legal formalities and verbal arrangements. The U.S. Government has the right to say 'a dollar is one wheat-bushel thick, it is one serge-foot long, it is ten gallons of petrol wide.' Hence the U.S. Government could establish the JUST PRICE, and a just price system." ~ Ezra Pound

    “The usurers act through fraud, falsification, superstitions, habits and, when these methods do not function, they let loose a war. Everything hinges on monopoly, and the particular monopolies hinge around the great illusionistic monetary monopoly.” ~ Ezra Pound

    "And so that you don't continually misunderstand--usury and interest are not the same thing. Usury is a charge made for the use of money regardless of production and often regardless of even the possibilities of production" -- Ezra Pound Reading, vol. 2, Caedmon Records 1962

    ~ Negentropic