Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Rebel Path October 12 2014

The Reunion of a couple of Oracle Past Masters i.e  The Celtic Rebel :-) and
Lee Rogers :-)  .Who in a chat packed show , proves that audio lives . Unlike most of Davie Duck's shows, This is actually "Fantastic" and "Amazing" !  Anyway , in the best tradition of Mami's Shit ,I removed the feckin techno noise and put it on a 64k diet , i did spare metro bob though. lol hope ye find 4.44 hours to actually listen, because I did and I think it's grand .

del 2014



  1. Great Post...
    Ps: What happened to Charlie G...
    I wish he would post future show dates w/ subjects to be discussed...

  2. Lee's new mohawk haircut and moustache to go along with his more "hardcore" Andrew-Anglin-promoting website:


    Lee was solid in this interview, Celtic Buttcrack weak, Marxist-brainwashing-infested-regardless-of-what-he-claims and grasping at straws. However, Rogers trying to justify the discrepancy between the image he is presenting on his website and who he really is as a person, as some kind of shrewd "propaganda" move to draw in the "dumb" masses is laughable at best. If he wants to do material like that he should just join the staff at the Daily Stormer, his new buddy Anglin's site, which at 58,000 Alexa is FAR MORE popular than his little site, and do his sound-bite news-commentaries over there. That would be a far shrewder move and get even more of the audience he wants since he certainly isn't going to convince any Alex Jones fans by calling blacks "apes" and homos "faggots" in every new story and if he thinks he's going to get rid of "political correctness" in this juvenile way, he's more naive than I thought. John Friend without the CI-promoting bullshit is doing it right from a WN perspective, even if it's just respect from the massive potential market of non-WN politically-incorrect types of individualistic more-or-less libertarian white-people you want in order to get them to restore their balance with their closest extended families. In order for these far-more-numerous whites (or even non-whites) to support Lee's dissenting opinion as a newly-hatched WN, it has a to be a request for self-defense in the face of initiated force (individul-rights violating civil rights, individual-rights-violating affirmitive action, etc.) in order to re-establish inalienable FREE-CHOICE, not a request for restoring ENFORCED PRIVILEGES for those too lazy to earn their higher status in society, fair & square, and based on productive ability.

    ~ Negentropic

  3. Negentropic, I am so glad to hear you speak out on this, as I have been since Lee has officially made common cause with Andrew Anglin.

    His alliance is absolutely befuddling to me, and also extremely disheartening, since up until the end of his last Oracle broadcast in December 2012, he was decrying those putting out "racial garbage," with Anglin being the poster boy of that with his site. And yes, to call the President an ape, and even violent black thugs "apes" is, in my opinion, engaging in racial garbage as well, and as you allude to, it certainly won't resonate beyond a very limited group of insecure and disaffected white men. The strategy, as he refers to, has no exit plan, as Dennis Fetcho basically got him to indirectly admit.

    So unfortunate, because after John Friend dumped Anglin, things took a huge step back with someone like Lee making common cause with him, showing that we can always take huge steps back at any time, even with sincere people like Lee.

    The fact that Anglin openly said he wanted the Daily Stormer to be the Infowars of the White nationalist/racialist movement should've been enough to stop Lee in his tracks from hooking up with Anglin, because he's running it just like a disinfo operation like Jones' site.