Friday, 17 October 2014

Alex Jone$ and Bill Cooper from 1998 (Rare audio)


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  1. I just read this on IMDB today:

    Keith David's comments about "They Live"


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    "He said in a recent interview that when the movie opened it was number one for two weeks in a row, and then it was gone from theaters. You couldn't see it if you wanted to. When he asked Carpenter or someone (i forget who) about it, the reply he got was 'I think we pissed somebody off.' Interesting..."


    Hmmm, Delcroix, I wonder who they pissed off, huh? lol


    A little further down on the 2nd page of the same thread, one lone guy tries to let all the morons in on the big open secret of "who" Carpenter's film might have pissed off, something all their bantering is struggling not to name or acknowledge. He is responded to with idiotic statements such as "liberals control Hollywood" (lol) and "save the conspiracy theorizing for Michael Savage and George Noory" (lol) :

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    "I think we pissed somebody off"

    "Who owns Hollywood?
    Think about it.

    This movie exposes them and ask us to wake up to whats happening to the world. Of course they don't want us to do that."


    ~ Negentropic

  2. And a far more interesting thread here called, are you ready?

    "A lot of far-right wackos think this film's aliens are a Jews allegory" (LOL)


    Read it. It's a load of laughs and that Nitpicking guy makes a lot of good points.

    ~ Negentropic MK II

  3. Negentropic, I question whether Carpenter produced the movie with sincere intentions, since there are some suspect parts of the movie, from my perspective. For example, over-representing aliens as a metaphor for Jews, portraying Ronald Reagan as one of them, having Roddy Piper's character kill aliens (Jews) indiscriminately at times, and saying he came to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and that he's all out of bubble gum, which makes the serious scene look stupid, despite being funny.

  4. Piper (Roddy from "They Live," not MCP the "Sandy Hook was real" embarrassment) was on Jesse Ventura's show a few days ago reminiscing about the old days and at the 59 minute mark says David Icke was right and 'aliens' control the planet and all that.


    And here's what Carpenter himself had to say in "The Making of They Live" documentary, he actually did call them not just "upper-class, rich people" but a "race of inhuman creatures":


    "All of my films in one way or another are about people who are trapped in certain situations where they are no longer able to control what's going to happen to them or where they are or what they're up against. The heroes are people who must rise to the occasion and face either ultimate evil or something that is so extraordinary and outside the realm of their experience, but through it they show great dignity, warmth and caring for each other. Basically, our spin on the story was that all the 'aliens' are members of the upper class, the rich, and they're slowly exploiting the middle class and everybody's becoming poorer, and everything we think about buying cars and having pools and condos, all the things that everybody strives for in America, are basically created by this RACE of inhuman creatures who completely just want to exploit us like the Third World, and is told from the point-of-view of the homeless. So, it has a theme and a message to it but basically it's an action film. "

    "I think a lot of the heroes in my films are unlikely, under-appreciated; I kind of like that in my films, to have somebody who's not so hip and rich and doesn't just cruise through every situation and has to struggle. It reminds me of most of us. There's something about him (Roddy Piper) that you don't see in others. He seems to have lived life. He's a loner, he's tough, he's ugly, but he has dignity. Holly Thomson is a character in 'They Live' who's a middle-class working woman who gets hooked into this whole thing. I hired Meg Foster to play her because I thought that Meg had a strength and a reality to her person that would give this character some solidity."

    "I think everybody is potentially heroic depending on what they're presented with in life. A lot of people who commit themselves to an ideal, raise children, work loyally, are heroes. I think we all have a little bit of that in us."

    Cool guy. He knows what's up and by the looks of all the comments left about how it's about the Jews at every single discussion of "They Live" it, some higher-up Jew might literally force him to come out and publicly declare "Look, 'They Live' isn't about the Jews! It's about all 'evil' elites" blah, blah, blah and when I said "race of evil creatures" I meant "race of evil everybody." lol

    I also did think he was probably trying to do the standard hippie/liberal type bashing of the conservatives, the way George Carlin used to do in the 1980's before he wised up out of the silly left-right paradigm. But no, it seems like he did actually intend to make a movie about Jews and clandestinely managed to get it through the cracks as a sci-fi/action flick.

    Alex Jones also interviewed Piper last year with that silly National Socialist "Notsee" eagle modified from Swastika to Obama-sign next to Obongo's picture right behind him on video. Every time I see that I want to break my computer screen punching his fat face. lol


    ~ Negentropic