Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.09.03

Charles continues to share his views on the 9/11 event. (2 callers)

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  1. Part of the reason the media intentionally puts out news-stories that can be debunked, and some rather easily, is to create as much unresolvable trauma and unresolvable conflict as possible in the collective unconscious of the public: different levels of trauma and conflict for different levels of intelligence and development in background skills to deal with this trauma and conflict.

    Mental stability and equilibrium, even on the low level needed to just function as a cog in society, requires that these inner conflicts are resolved in some way or if a person is incapable of achieving some degree of resolution, left unresolved but out of the conscious mind in cheap ignorance-is-bliss fashion so as not to interfere with day-to-day mental stability as far as possible. Furthermore, even people on the same general level of intelligence able to resolve some or most of these conflicts end up resolving them in different ways according to how much time they have had to research the subject and how close they are able to get to the core truths or foundational premises of the business of PsyOping as it is practiced through its primary tool: the Mass Media, which includes almost all of the mainstream media (TV, movies, newspapers, books, textbooks, online publications) and a large chunk of the alternative media on the internet.

    What far too many of the more advanced researchers (such as Charles Giuliani) do not suspect is that the PsyOp planners put within each PsyOp some very basic pre-scripted-&-acted and INTENTIONALLY CONTRADICTORY testimony from so-called 'witnesses' (such as, in the case of 9-11, one claiming to see nothing but an explosion, one claiming to see a missile, one a small plane, one a large plane, etc.) in order to make the researchers falsely assume that the media was on the scene doing its job, that the media was deceived by the PsyOp like the rest of us, that, to give the most obvious example, a reporter like Rick Leventhal only by chance happened to interview a so-called 'witness' like the Harley Guy and had nothing to do with the Harley Guy's laughably obvious scripted performance, or that only SOME of the mainstream media was in-on-it and not most or ALL of it. After all, if all the witnesses sang the same tune that the Harley Guy did or all of them said a passenger plane hit the buildings, they would not seem too 'realistic' to the more advanced researchers who are hot-on-the-trail of a 'false-flag' now would they? Well, the perps WANT the advanced researchers to have that trail to follow, the trail that THEY leave for them, straight into a dead-end and most importanly AWAY from media-complicity in blatant image-fakery. Why? Because if they do not lead the opposition then an honest person might and if too many people end up following an honest and truly competent reseracher (such as Simon Shack) then their entire PsyOping industry built pre-dominantly through media-faked events inducing fear-&-paranoia might come crashing down and there goes most of their power to brainwash people to do their bidding.

    At this point I want to stress that although the banksters who give the go-ahead to all of these PsyOps can be conclusively identified, from the Rothschilds on down, as mostly Jews, they certainly do not care if people in the more marginalized regions of the media led by Alex Jones, David Icke and Jeff Rense, point to elite Jews or the Mossad as having committed this 'false-flag mass-murder,' as opposed to a more hard-to-define group such as the NWO, as long as the fear-based (and love-based) mind-control programming of '3000 dead' and their suffering relatives-&-loved-ones remains intact in the minds of the general public and the 9-11 'truthers' both.

    ~ Negentropic MK I

  2. (. . . continued)

    The Rothschild-kabal-connected-usury-&-legalized-counterfeiting-funded-multi-trillionaire-bankster-Jew elites behind practically all world media PsyOps since at least the Federal Reserve act of 1913 are secure enough in their power to brazenly put one-of-their-own lower-level mere billionaires, Larry Silverstein, out there as a front-man supposedly 'making a mistake' on PBS (a fully-Jew-owned mass-media channel, if you want absolute proof, see how often they criticize Israelis for massacring Palestinians) about 'pulling' building seven, just to give the previously anticipated 9-11 'truthers' one more trail to follow into a time-wasted dead-end and AWAY from THE TECHNIQUE used in their own bamboozlement, which is media fakery. Silverstein agreed to do this not because he was threatened by the higher-ups but because the higher-ups guaranteed his protection, because he knows that with their protection he's untouchable and that only a minority of people will consider him a treasonous criminal as a result and certainly not be able to do a damn thing about it. To brazenly have him collect on his multi-billion dollar insurance policy rubs the noses of the 9-11 'truthers' further in it. In this way, the message they really have for the public is the same as what another Jew, Ben Stein, wrote in his arrogant and much quoted L.A. times article, "Who runs Hollywood? C'mon":

    "But I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them."


    That's right. They DON'T care if you think they run it all, including 9-11 and other PsyOps, as long as they get to keep running them, and they get to keep running these PsyOps that through fear and paranoia secure them in their rule by protecting their ability to FAKE IMAGERY to back-up their verbal-lies in all aspects of the mass media (mainstream and alternative). That is THE PRIMARY goal of most of the gatekeeping that has ever been done on 9-11 as well as most other PsyOps, direct agent or useful ego/diot, the result being the same. It is the false memes and false procedures planted by the direct agents that lead the far more numerous self-made shills and useful egos and idiots leading the masses into the controlled opposition, fear-based dead-ends planned for them.

    When you do a little more research, of course, you realize that ALL of the witnesses used on 9-11 (both audio witnesses such as on supposed phone calls from inside the supposedly hi-jacked planes and inside the burning buildings and those actually on film) were just as fake as the Harley Guy, only not as obviously fake, and they were deliberately made contradictory in order to lend credence to the LEGIMITACY of the faked-imagery, including the faked-CGI-imagery of the buildings and collapses, in the minds of the more advanced researchers. They want MOST of these advanced ones to never examine the validity and authenticity of the images themselves. They want them to engage in criticism and interpretation ONLY of their pre-manufactured and aired-in-many-pieces MOVIE instead of examining the falsified evidence itself (the images shown in the movie) and realizing that a MOVIE is what they saw and any research based on the false premises (hijacked planes for the average dupes, remote-controlled planes for the smarter dupes, top-down-never-before-seen-'demolitions,' never-proven 3000 dead scared-cow for both groups of dupes) established by the narrative of this movie will lead to erroneous results and above all protect the media or "The Weapon of Mass Deception" which, for many decades now, has deceived billions not only in words but, far-more-importantly, IN IMAGERY.

    ~ Negentropic MK II

  3. correction to previous post: sacred-cow, not scared-cow

    (. . . continued)

    The reason that so many so-called advanced researchers are duped by this technique is because they do not understand proper procedure in criminal investigations. Witness testimony is NOT HARD EVIDENCE of anything and without that hard evidence (such as a murder weapon or a corpse in a homicide investigation or an authentic video), is worthless (except as a possible clue to search for and find that hard evidence), even if all the witnesses' stories do not contradict each other. A 103 minute so-called live video event aired on multiple media channels of almost every country in the world from its supposed 'live' feed in the USA is what almost everyone in the world saw on 9-11 and has been seeing endless replays of, including all the "newfound added footage" of more than 40 "amateur" videos that were never shown on 9-11 but only surfaced later (through Steven Rosenbaum's Camera Planet). These videos and images, both 'live' and later-released 'amateur,' have so much fakery (doctoring, tampering, editing, acting, CGI, compositing, etc.) in them that by applying the old principle of Roman law called 'falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus' (which requires only ONE instance of deliberate lying, forgery or fakery to be proven for the entire testimony of that lying witness to be inadmissable as evidence) they would have already been thrown out a hundred times over in any proper and respectable court of law.

    Since there are NO CORPSES OR AUTOPSIES to examine in order to determine how many people died on 9-11 or if ANY died at all (there were only 249 death certificates as of 2010 and NOT ONE of these supposed dead had a last address of record. In other words, no one even knows where they lived http://www.salem-news.com/articles/september122010/911-reflections-ew.php), any researcher who claims 3000 died strictly based on the narrative of the most lying source in history (the mainstream mass media) is already completely on the wrong path. The fact remains that no HARD evidence exists in the case of 9-11 to back-up ANYTHING that the official media story has claimed not only in words but in its transmitted and endlessly psychically-driven images. The fact remains that it is an absolute and unbreachable rule of proper scientific evidence-gathering in criminal investigations that BEFORE you can use any images or videos as 'hard' proof of anything at all, they HAVE to be authenticated and established as REAL representations of what actually happened in reality. We do not have real representations of anything on 9-11, what we have is REAL FAKERY (tons of it) and the knowledge that FAKERY IS REAL and practiced everywhere in the media. Therefore trusting the media in any way PRIOR TO AUTHENTICATION OF IMAGERY is out-of-the-question, period, especially on PsyOps like 9-11, Norway Shootings, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc., where many people are claimed to have died.

    ~ Negentropic MK III

  4. (. . . continued)

    falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

    False in one particular, false in everything.

    This principle of Roman law is still respected and has been appropriated by other disciplines. The concept is that if a witness has been shown to lie in one particular respect in a case, he is not to be trusted in anything else he says. This is why it is important for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: it discredits the rest of their testimony. The object behind the principle is to reject questionable testimony (even if it might be true) before accepting falsehood into evidence.

    The legal principles of interrogating witnesses have been drawn into the task of evaluating historical sources. Just as a witness in court can be impeached by being shown to have lied, an historical source likewise loses much of its authority if its author can be shown to have deliberately falsified something--how can we trust an author concerning fact X when we know him to have lied about fact Y? Such an author may corroborate something a better witness says, but has forfeited our trust where he speaks without corroboration.


    Notice that it's falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, and NOT

    verum in uno, verum in omnibus

    true in one particular, true in everything

    the backwards method of many conspiracy hobbyists and similar dupes all con-artists and liars prey on, and completely inadmissible in any proper court.

    The question that always comes forth from conditioned paranoids whose egos as 'hard-men' get bitch-slapped by the realization that they may have been fooled by nothing more elaborate or 'real-life' than Hollywood productions is "Are you saying that they would have a problem killing 3000 people or 28 people when they never had a problem killing millions in wars and man-made famines and whatnot in the past?."

    Well, the answer is both YES and NO. They obviously DO have a problem with killing 3000 people on 9-11 (or 28 people on Sandy Hook) because aside from the false-testimony of boo-hoo-hoo-on-cue ass-clown actors there is simply no proof that they did die (maybe some people due to asbestos poisoning, but not even one body or valid last address of residence for the the supposed 3000 on 9-11, for instance, and absurdly fake images of KING KONG men supposedly jumping from the buildings and others out of metal spandrells)



    and they obviously DON'T have a problem with killing way more than 3000 people because the many wars (with producable corpses) have proven that, not to mention the myriad of 'slow-kills' of both body and soul operative in most human societies, especially our European-based one at any one time. The cancer-racket alone kills over a million people a year worldwide (supposedly, statistics are NOT immune to manipulation by media-owners either) and almost everyone knows somebody that died from cancer (or rather the racket attached to its 'treatment').

    ~ Negentropic MK IV

  5. (. . . continued)

    People (or at least the leaders of the people) have to learn a few simple (but elusive precisely because simple) things:

    1) That they are manipulated mainly through FEAR and that the majority of the alternative media wittingly or unwittingly also pushes the fear-meme on millions of people, therefore leaving them susceptible to manipulation from manufactured trauma, one sort for the average dupes, another for the niche market of 'info-warriors' and rebels of the same root source.

    2) That IMAGES cannot be trusted to be representations of real events PRIOR to authentication, especially if these images have been transmitted to you by the biggest liars and fraudsters in the history of the world: the mass-media. If you think your eyes alone are reliable to process faked imagery consider this batch:


    3) All the more-or-less true and smaller 'confirmable' news events that the media reports are only buttering you up and gaining your con-fidence for the one big FALSE one that they really need you to swallow (without insisting on independept confirmation) in order for their string-pullers behind the scenes to maintain their rule through trauma-induced fear-based conditioning. Know how a con-artist operates: a few truths followed by a lie that poisons that well and most imporant of all: extend this distrust to imagery even if that might short-circuit the ecstastic joys of conspiracy hobbyism or more accurately "movie criticism" by self-appointed internet sleuths.

    4) That a 'death' transmitted to you as a real life event by the biggest liars and fraudsters in history is NEVER a death until YOU and/or a representative of yours in whom you place 100% trust can examine the actual corpse and confirm it. When your mother or cousin dies, you can confirm it. When the kid down the street goes to Iraq and dies in a shoot-out or comes back PTSD'd and crazy, you can confirm it. When somebody dies on a TV news report, you should never take their word for it and absent the ability to confirm, never bite on the fear-acid they want you to trip on. Laugh and ridicule them and make them WORK for their social engineering by actually having to go out and massacre real people and therefore ending up directly liable as murderers (directly here as well as indirectly overseas) as well as uber-fraudsters.

    “The individual’s adherence to his group is 'conscious' because he is aware of it and recognizes it, but it is ultimately involuntary because he is trapped in a dialectic and in a group that leads him unfailingly to his adherence. His adherence is also ‘intellectual’ because he can express his conviction clearly and logically, but it is not genuine because the information, the data, the reasoning, that have led him to adherence to the group were themselves deliberately falsified in order to lead him there.” ~ Jacques Ellul - “Propaganda, The Formation of Men's Attitudes"

    "Naturally, the educated man does not believe in propaganda, he shrugs and is convinced that propaganda has no effect on him. This is, in fact, one of his great weaknesses, and propagandists are well aware that in order to reach someone, one must first convince him that propaganda is ineffectual and not very clever. Because he is convinced of his own superiority, the intellectual is much more vulnerable than anybody else to this maneuver.” ~ Jacques Ellul - “Propaganda, The Formation of Men's Attitudes"

    ~ Negentropic MK V

  6. (. . . continued)

    "See, the 'Big Lie' professionals in the business of deceiving this entire world's population on a daily basis probably know better - when it comes to fooling BOTH the experts and the average Joe Public. The BIG LIE has to seem too bloody stupid in the eyes of the experts - and too bloody smart in the eyes of Joe Public. There is no quest either for the lowest or the highest common denominator in these psy-op schemes - or much less to target any specific IQ group (if you may pardon this unsavory way to put it). The aim is to strike the human consciousness somewhere 'in the middle' - so as to befuddle EVERYONE - and of course - to make EVERYBODY endlessly quarrel with each other." -- Simon Shack, December 11, 2013 at 3:52 PM






    ~ Negentropic MK VI

  7. Correction to 2nd post: JOEL Stein, not Ben Stein is the writer of the well-known L.A. times article that contains this quote:

    "But I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them."


    ~ Negentropic MK VII